Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December Ipsy Bag and Beauty Army Box

This month has not only been very busy for me, but it has passed by very quickly and I haven't had much time to dedicate to anything I need to get done such as my December Ipsy and Beauty Army review, but I have finally found a bit of time to finish it up and give you my full review. As I said last month I cancelled my subscription to Birchbox, so until I find another monthly subscription service that I love I will just be sticking to Ipsy and Beauty Army. I have been doing a little research into a couple other companies, but so far I haven't chosen one so if you have any suggestions feel free to comment. Also, before I get into my review I would like to share with you my plan for the new year, during 2013 my goal for this blog is to not only post more frequently, but to also make more tutorials and share more tips, and dabble more into my love for the rockabilly/pin-up beauty scene.
The theme for this month's bag was simply focused on the holidays once again and titled "Haute Holiday".
For the past couple months Ipsy has been sticking with simple one shade makeup bags and I have been loving them, this month's was silver.

A woman can never have enough primer... I have tested many different kinds of primers in the past year and so far I really haven't been able to pin down a favorite but I do love this Mirabella Prime. I do not use it on my eyes because I use the NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base, but it works wonders for fine lines and helps provide a smoother finish. As I am a HUGE fan of the rockabilly, pin-up, old Hollywood glamour scene making my skin appear flawless is very key to my everyday look and using a primer helps create this for me. 

There couldn't have been a more perfect time for me to receive this NYX Loose Pearl Eyeshadow  in Charcoal (darker than it appears in picture), I have been looking for a good shimmery eyeshadow that blended out well and came in a good variety of colors, and for only $3 a piece I definitely want one of these in each color. The color is highly pigmented and a little goes a long way especially when paired with eyeshadow base.
When we receive products like this 24/7 Eye Pencil from Urban Decay it makes the $10 I spend on my subscription seem so worth it because these bad boys are more expensive to purchase on there own, it also shows that Ipsy is definitely dedicated to us getting quality products. In my makeup bag/storage you could already find one of these pencils in white, but having a black one is definitely a nice addition. I love that these pencils are long lasting, and provide a very smooth application.
Once again this is one of those products that I am just too pale to give an honest review for, but I do love the concept of these highlighter papers by Mai Couture . They do work very well and provide a wonderful shimmery highlight for wherever you would like to apply, and you can blend them out with a brush if needed.
Honestly the name of this company in itself has made me instantly fall in love with them,  Be a...Bombshell Cosmetics , but they also have wonderful products. Since I have been a subscriber to Ipsy I have had the privilege to test not only this lip gloss but their eyeliner and have loved both products. The lip gloss I received is the shade of "Hot Mess", which is the perfect red hue for any true bombshell. My favorite way to wear this is over a red lip liner for a little extra pop.
Last, but definitely not least, this month Ipsy gave some subscribers, including me, a chance to test a product that hasn't even hit shelves yet called Naked Skin by Urban Decay.  This lightweight beauty balm is oil-free and instantly leaves the skin looking better and also works to better your skin within 8 weeks. Now, I have not been using it for 8 weeks and can not tell you in full detail how much this balm could do in that amount of time, but I do know that it does make an instant difference. This multitasking formula evens out skin tone, minimizes pores, lines, wrinkles and redness, protects with SPF 20, firms skin and improves elasticity, primes the skin for makeup application, and it also hydrates the skin. It works wonderfully and if you would like to try it out yourself it will be released exclusively to the general public on Urban Decay's website on January 8th.
Another red lip gloss!!! (I can never get enough.) This gloss is long lasting and a wonderful shade of red. I am very picky when it comes to lip glosses because I can not stand a sticky gloss, but this Glow Baby Glow lip gloss in the shade of Blow Kisses from Mark smoothly applies with very little stick.
I learned about this brand this summer when many women were searching for an easy way to create that textured beachy waves look and I stumbled upon the Not Your Mother's  Beach Babe, which works wonders. So, when I seen that I could test one that is made to help create volume I was excited especially considering a lot of my rockabilly hairstyles take quite a bit of teasing and volume. This hairspray is AMAZING to use when teasing, it took a lot less teasing for me to create perfect volume and it helped make my style last all day, but I barely could get past the disgusting scent. This hairspray is infused with Apple Blossom and Bamboo, but to me (and my boyfriend) it smelled terrible. I basically have to hold my breath when spraying and after I finish my hair I top it off with a spray of my regular good smelling hairspray to mask the scent a bit.

These products from Macadamia  quickly have found a place in my heart because I do love having healthy and shiny hair, but I also love being an unnatural redhead which takes A LOT of work. This deep repair masque left my hair smelling good, soft, shiny, and less frizzy. I also use their Healing Oil Treatment near daily and would recommend this brand to anyone.

This is one of those products that leaves me slightly puzzled, and I wonder why they would include this in samples, but I chose it anyways just to see what the hubbub was about. Now I have heard many controversial conversations about attempting to fade skin color, I even seen an episode dedicated to this on Tyra once were a women used harmful bleach on her skin in an attempt to lighten her skin color. This fade cream is from Dermisa which is sold in stores such as Walgreens and Target, and it is designed to erase age spots, sun spots, and dark spots, but makes me wonder what it would do for someone who has none of those like myself. I did apply this once but realized quickly that it does not work well with my sensitive skin, I became red and itchy very soon and learned that it contains Hydroquinone and can be harsh on people with sensitive skin.

Another small sample of eyeshadow from Whip Hand Cosmetics that is part of their Limited Edition Camo Collection. This eyeshadow is an almost olive green shade that blends out well but is mess to get out of the container. Whip Hand has wonderful highly pigmented, statement making shades, but I absolutely detest these little bottles that they package them in. 

Now I have heard of the Gatsby Salon somewhere at some point but never have heard of their products before I received this Ooh La La Volume Shampoo from them.  Apparently after doing some research into the products they sell a whole line dedicated to creating more volume for the hair, everything from shampoo to hairspray. Now, I do not know how long these products have been around but this particular product on their website has only 6 Facebook likes which leaves me kind of feeling like either no one is using Facebook these days or that a lot of people had the same experience with this product as I did..... nothing changed. I used this shampoo and my hair didn't seem even the slight bit different, no more volume to my hair than normal, and it actually was even duller looking when it dried. 
Alright, on and ending note I was pretty happy with all of my products from my subscriptions this month and in about a week I will have a post about some wonderful products from Urban Decay I am adding to my makeup collection and I will have full reviews for those and possibly even a lovely makeup tutorial.