Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BH Cosmetics Review

I said I would soon be doing more product reviews, well for today's post I decided to review BH Cosmetics. I am a relatively new customer to BH Cosmetics, I own three different products as of now but soon will be ordering more and when I do I will be reviewing those as well.

I found out about BH Cosmetics from watching Jessica Harlow videos on YouTube and I was intrigued, the product must be amazing if someone who is so wonderful at makeup uses it, so I quickly checked out there website. There glamorous yet simple layout caught my eye and I browsed through every product they had, I happened to found out about right in the middle of a sale, which excited me even more, who doesn't love a deal? I have noticed since I have been a customer that they frequently have sales and there products are very affordable.

First off, I will be proclaiming my love for my 120 Color Eye Shadow Palette 1st Edition. Link and pictures below.


This is my first real palette of eye shadows; I have always loved doing makeup and hair and just recently decided to begin investing more money into it.

When I first received my package I was extremely excited, it had come a day earlier than I had expected it to and I was amazed by the fast delivery. Now makeup is a very fragile product so I was concerned about the packaging, so when I opened the box I was relieved to see a mass amount of bubble wrap, all of my products were wrapped neatly and safely.

This palette comes with many wonderful colors; some sparkly, some bright, some natural, something for every look I could possibly imagine.
Since I have owned this the color palette it is my go to when it comes to eyeshadow, I love it.

Below you will see an example of what I have achieved with my palette, I was going for a very natural look, using both the brown and the golden tones and a little of the liquid liner seen below.  

As you may be able to tell from my pictures I am a liquid eyeliner fanatic, there is nothing I love more than rocking a sexy winged eyeliner look. So when I see that BH offered a liquid liner that was in a form of what looks like a sharpie I had to have it. I was certain I could create some kickass masterpieces with it.


When applying liquid liner with a typical paintbrush style applicator it is difficult to achieve a good line when you have shaky hands like I do, so it typically takes a little fixing up when I am done, but with this the applicator is stiff and much easier to use.

The line itself isn't the darkest, not as dark as my cheaper liner from Wal-mart and I have to go over it a couple of times to achieve the look I desire and sometimes it tends to seem like it has almost dried out as if it was a marker, which leads me to think I will not be ordering this again and will be going with my normal eyeliner and just try harder at making precise lines.

Now after having two kids I tend to lack sleep so the skin around my eyes is a little darker than I would like it a lot of the time and I tend to rub my eyes a lot and smear my eyeshadow, which I hate.
So when I see there Correcting Eye Primer I decided that it was also a pretty good buy.

This eye primer is completely white so I wouldn't recommend to someone with much darker skin than mine. I use it to not only make my eyes appear brighter but it also makes my shadow and liner long-lasting and a little smudge proof. I use this every day, no matter what look I desire.

So to finish this off I must say I am pretty happy with the products I have ordered from BH. They have wonderful prices and many sales which makes the site amazing for people like me with a low budget, and you get a high quality product which makes it even better. The shipping was simple and reasonably priced and the site is easy to navigate. So, 4 stars to BH for me, I would have given them  5 if I was a little happier with the liners quality.

I soon will be acquiring some more products from BH and as soon as I do I will be writing reviews on those also so stay tuned. :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Product Review: www.pinupgirlclothing.com

Hello, Today I will be reviewing www.pinupgirlclothing.com I am not affiliated with the site I am just a fan of their clothing and so far a very pleased customer.

I ordered the Ginger Dress in Black with White Eyelet Ruffle from Pinup Couture which is currently on sale for $85. I personally think it is a steal considering the quality of the dress. This dress also comes in a beautiful blue color, which was my first choice but was currently out of stock in my size.

I received my package on Friday, along with the dress came some beautiful business cards and a pink and black tote with the logo on it. I immediately tried the dress on and very surprised by the quality of the fabric. The fit was perfect, which I always worry about when ordering online, but I checked myself with their measurement charts and it was spot on.

The site itself also is very impressive, they give you many options to narrow down your search and if you are just browsing you will be entertained with beautiful models, wonderful photography and many different selections. I would love to have one of everything if I could afford it. I normally do not spend much on clothing, especially online but I have had many people recommend this site to me and I am proud to announce that I too will be recommending it to fellow vintage fashion addicts.

Another wonderful detail about this site is that they offer many fashions in a huge range of sizes, from sizes 2 to 4x, they have something for almost every body shape and size. I myself vary in sizes depending on the brand but normally am considered plus size, so finding a site like this has me extremely excited and now I feel like I can really be who I want to be.

I was not able to really enjoy the dress until a couple hours ago when I got dolled up for a mini photo shoot, done by myself and my boyfriend. Seeing myself with my hair all curled and makeup all done and this beautiful dress put a smile on my face, I instantly felt beautiful, sexy and feminine. It is a dress that could go with many different types of shoes and accessories and I will be getting a lot of use out of it when the snow comes off the ground. I think it would look adorable with a little edge added so I would like to pair it with a cropped leather jacket, but it also could go with a cute cardigan. Following this are a few pictures of me in this dress, I have added a little bow to one of the straps. Feel free to email me with any questions and comment below.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

And it begins....

Well here goes my first attempt at a blog, this may be a little rough in places but I promise it will get better if you stick with me.
My goal with this first post is to give you a good idea of who I am and where I am going with this. As you can probably tell the name I go by is Bri Grim,above is a picture of me and following this I am going to tell you some important details of my life . I am a twenty one year old mother of two. I have a three year old named Connor and a one year old named Annabelle. My kids have made some huge changes in my life and have helped make me who I am today.


On top of being a mother I am a girlfriend to a musician. His name is Aaron, but he goes by Kemical Grim in the music industry. Yes, we have the same last name in our alternate worlds.tehe. Aaron has really brought me to a point in my life where I love myself and I want to show people what I think and what I am made of. Before we go onto me telling you about my interests and what this blog will be about I want to take a minute to promote him. Kemical is a rapper unlike any other rapper I have ever heard of. He is inspired by so many different types of music that I personally think there is no one like him. In the future I will probably tell you more about him, but for now I will leave it at this.
This is the cover of his first album, you can find it on itunes if interested.

Anyways, the point of this blog is to teach people about fashion of all kinds, to talk about my dreams and goals, to inspire people like me and to connect my followers with other people that are known in the vintage fashion and beauty world.

I am inspired by many people. I don't have the time to list everyone but here is a few. First off, Marilyn Monroe, she was a beautiful woman with curves to kill. Secondly, Lisa Freemont Street, over the past couple of months I have grown to love her tutorials and they have inspired me to really rock my style.
Lisa Freemont Street's YouTube Channel

Well, it is dinner time here in real world, so Bri Grim has to say goodbye, I know this first post wasn't much, but it will develop here soon into something bigger, I just want you to understand who I am.

Bye Bye :)