Friday, May 31, 2013

My First Makeup Contest Win!

Hello Lovelies!
Well.... I was about to lay down for the night and I had this sudden urge to check my stuff (social media) before I headed to bed, and boy am I glad I did. I popped onto Facebook to find out that I won first place in the advanced category for a pinup contest held by SexyLuna Makeup and Groovy MiMi. Considering pinup is kinda sorta my thing I am super excited because I have never really won anything, I did get third place in a pinup contest awhile ago held by a company out of Chicago though.
I now am so excited that I really don't think I can sleep, but I know I have to at least lay down so I plan on watching something on Netflix. Before I head off though I am going to share a photo from the pinup "shoot" that I did for this contest. Then tomorrow, technically later today, I will be posting Day Four of my Summer Fashion Trends and possibly a makeup tutorial, so please stay tuned!

Fashion Trends Summer 2013: Midi Skirts and Dresses

Hello Lovelies!

Since I am a fan of vintage styles it should be very obvious that I do love midi skirts and dresses, but it is still very easy to find midi's that are of terrible taste and ill-fitting. Below I have some examples of midi skirts and dresses that have either terrible prints, or are oddly shaped. Not all prints work well on all shapes of clothing, some of these prints may work well for other pieces, but paired with the midi shape they just don't flatter.
Untitled #221

Untitled #221 by bri-grim featuring mid calf dresses

Before I move onto my examples here are a couple pictures of celebrities sporting midi skirts and dresses and looking beautiful.
Untitled #223

Below are some examples of how I would wear midi dresses and skirts. I absolutely love vintage reproduction midi styles, and would love to fill at least half my closet with them. Some people tend to think that midi's are for older women, but it all depends on the style and the print, choose the right one and they can be very fashion forward.
Untitled #222

Untitled #224

Untitled #225

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fashion Trends Summer 2013: Polka Dots

Hello Lovelies!
We are finally onto the trend of polka dots, which I happen to love and own a lot of. Being a fan of retro clothing/rockabilly/psychobilly polka dots are a key part of my wardrobe and I sport them I'd say at least once a week in some way. I own polka dot undergarments, headbands, bandanas, tops, skirts, shoes etc. At this point it is very simple to find pieces adorned in polka dots in pretty much every store, but there are still some pieces that are just not fashionable due to shape of the piece, and sometimes size of the polka dots, such as the examples below. A key factor in looking great in polka dots is choosing the correct size polka dot for your body, and choosing pieces that properly fit. The pieces in the "how not to" category are there because of either the shape, the concept of the piece, or because they easily make you look entirely too much like a dalmatian.
Untitled #220

Untitled #220 by bri-grim featuring sleeveless shirts

Below are a couple outfits showcasing outfits featuring fashionable polka dots.

Blue and Red

Aqua & Polka Dots

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fashion Trends Summer 2013: Floral Print

Hello Lovelies!

Today I will be discussing the trend of floral prints, a trend that comes and goes throughout the years. Floral print can look absolutely wonderful and fashionable if worn the right way, but it also can look like a gaudy train wreck if you choose the wrong print. I am going to begin showing off ways not to wear floral print, and conclude this post with fashionable ways to add floral print to your closet.
To start off I have two pictures of very fashionable celebrities that are wearing floral in the wrong way. Kim is a very fashionable woman but occasionally she makes bad choices like this custom-made Givenchy gown she wore to the Met Gala. Not only is this floral print too large and reminiscent of a vintage couch, the shape of this dress combined with the eye gouging print just looks terrible. If you look closer you can see that this dress is paired with sewn-in matching gloves, and matching shoes.
 Jessica Alba is a beautiful woman no matter what kind of clothes she wears, but this dress she was spotted in leaves me with a headache. The way the print changes near the bottom of the dress almost appears like it's two entirely different dresses sewn together to create one hideous dress. Although I do feel if the entire dress was created from the same colorful floral print that the top half consists of this dress could be a cute bohemian style dress.
If you choose the wrong color, size, or shape of floral print pieces for your body you can appear to be overwhelmed by the print, younger, older, insane etc. Pictured below are some hideous floral print pieces I found, now you may find these style pieces present on the runway, but not everything worn on the runway is truly wearable for the common person.
Untitled #217

Untitled #217 by bri-grim featuring stella mccartney jacket

Pictured below are a couple different outfits containing fashionable floral prints.

Untitled #218

Untitled #219

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fashion Trends for Summer 2013: Statement Stripes

Hello Lovelies!
In most areas Memorial Weekend is like an unofficial kick off of summer, and as the weekend comes to a conclusion I find myself wanting to discuss the upcoming trends for this summer. So, starting with this post about the trend of statement stripes I will be creating a collection of posts showcasing this summer's trends, and my thoughts on them. To add a little more fun to this post I will be creating a look showcasing how to wear the trend, and I also will feature examples of how not to wear the trend using Polyvore.

Although I happen to love striped pieces I think it is very easy to find pieces that do not flatter the body such as the pieces in the picture below.  I believe that pleats and stripes, especially bold stripes, should not be paired together, it is very reminiscent of a cheerleader's uniform. I also believe you should always try on pieces with stripes before purchasing because every striped piece is not create equally, and some pieces can be very unflattering to many body types. I myself have to be careful choosing striped pieces because I have a larger chest and hips which tends to distort the stripes and appear unflattering.

Untitled #213



Untitled #214

 On the runway designers have been pairing different striped pieces together to create on ensemble, but I personally think it's overkill and unflattering. I believe there are two great ways you can work stripes into an outfit, either choose one bold striped piece and pair it with toned down accessories in the same color scheme like the outfit above, or choose striped accessories and pair them with an outfit consisting of pieces from the same color scheme like below.


Untitled #216