Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December Ipsy Bag and Beauty Army Box

This month has not only been very busy for me, but it has passed by very quickly and I haven't had much time to dedicate to anything I need to get done such as my December Ipsy and Beauty Army review, but I have finally found a bit of time to finish it up and give you my full review. As I said last month I cancelled my subscription to Birchbox, so until I find another monthly subscription service that I love I will just be sticking to Ipsy and Beauty Army. I have been doing a little research into a couple other companies, but so far I haven't chosen one so if you have any suggestions feel free to comment. Also, before I get into my review I would like to share with you my plan for the new year, during 2013 my goal for this blog is to not only post more frequently, but to also make more tutorials and share more tips, and dabble more into my love for the rockabilly/pin-up beauty scene.
The theme for this month's bag was simply focused on the holidays once again and titled "Haute Holiday".
For the past couple months Ipsy has been sticking with simple one shade makeup bags and I have been loving them, this month's was silver.

A woman can never have enough primer... I have tested many different kinds of primers in the past year and so far I really haven't been able to pin down a favorite but I do love this Mirabella Prime. I do not use it on my eyes because I use the NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base, but it works wonders for fine lines and helps provide a smoother finish. As I am a HUGE fan of the rockabilly, pin-up, old Hollywood glamour scene making my skin appear flawless is very key to my everyday look and using a primer helps create this for me. 

There couldn't have been a more perfect time for me to receive this NYX Loose Pearl Eyeshadow  in Charcoal (darker than it appears in picture), I have been looking for a good shimmery eyeshadow that blended out well and came in a good variety of colors, and for only $3 a piece I definitely want one of these in each color. The color is highly pigmented and a little goes a long way especially when paired with eyeshadow base.
When we receive products like this 24/7 Eye Pencil from Urban Decay it makes the $10 I spend on my subscription seem so worth it because these bad boys are more expensive to purchase on there own, it also shows that Ipsy is definitely dedicated to us getting quality products. In my makeup bag/storage you could already find one of these pencils in white, but having a black one is definitely a nice addition. I love that these pencils are long lasting, and provide a very smooth application.
Once again this is one of those products that I am just too pale to give an honest review for, but I do love the concept of these highlighter papers by Mai Couture . They do work very well and provide a wonderful shimmery highlight for wherever you would like to apply, and you can blend them out with a brush if needed.
Honestly the name of this company in itself has made me instantly fall in love with them,  Be a...Bombshell Cosmetics , but they also have wonderful products. Since I have been a subscriber to Ipsy I have had the privilege to test not only this lip gloss but their eyeliner and have loved both products. The lip gloss I received is the shade of "Hot Mess", which is the perfect red hue for any true bombshell. My favorite way to wear this is over a red lip liner for a little extra pop.
Last, but definitely not least, this month Ipsy gave some subscribers, including me, a chance to test a product that hasn't even hit shelves yet called Naked Skin by Urban Decay.  This lightweight beauty balm is oil-free and instantly leaves the skin looking better and also works to better your skin within 8 weeks. Now, I have not been using it for 8 weeks and can not tell you in full detail how much this balm could do in that amount of time, but I do know that it does make an instant difference. This multitasking formula evens out skin tone, minimizes pores, lines, wrinkles and redness, protects with SPF 20, firms skin and improves elasticity, primes the skin for makeup application, and it also hydrates the skin. It works wonderfully and if you would like to try it out yourself it will be released exclusively to the general public on Urban Decay's website on January 8th.
Another red lip gloss!!! (I can never get enough.) This gloss is long lasting and a wonderful shade of red. I am very picky when it comes to lip glosses because I can not stand a sticky gloss, but this Glow Baby Glow lip gloss in the shade of Blow Kisses from Mark smoothly applies with very little stick.
I learned about this brand this summer when many women were searching for an easy way to create that textured beachy waves look and I stumbled upon the Not Your Mother's  Beach Babe, which works wonders. So, when I seen that I could test one that is made to help create volume I was excited especially considering a lot of my rockabilly hairstyles take quite a bit of teasing and volume. This hairspray is AMAZING to use when teasing, it took a lot less teasing for me to create perfect volume and it helped make my style last all day, but I barely could get past the disgusting scent. This hairspray is infused with Apple Blossom and Bamboo, but to me (and my boyfriend) it smelled terrible. I basically have to hold my breath when spraying and after I finish my hair I top it off with a spray of my regular good smelling hairspray to mask the scent a bit.

These products from Macadamia  quickly have found a place in my heart because I do love having healthy and shiny hair, but I also love being an unnatural redhead which takes A LOT of work. This deep repair masque left my hair smelling good, soft, shiny, and less frizzy. I also use their Healing Oil Treatment near daily and would recommend this brand to anyone.

This is one of those products that leaves me slightly puzzled, and I wonder why they would include this in samples, but I chose it anyways just to see what the hubbub was about. Now I have heard many controversial conversations about attempting to fade skin color, I even seen an episode dedicated to this on Tyra once were a women used harmful bleach on her skin in an attempt to lighten her skin color. This fade cream is from Dermisa which is sold in stores such as Walgreens and Target, and it is designed to erase age spots, sun spots, and dark spots, but makes me wonder what it would do for someone who has none of those like myself. I did apply this once but realized quickly that it does not work well with my sensitive skin, I became red and itchy very soon and learned that it contains Hydroquinone and can be harsh on people with sensitive skin.

Another small sample of eyeshadow from Whip Hand Cosmetics that is part of their Limited Edition Camo Collection. This eyeshadow is an almost olive green shade that blends out well but is mess to get out of the container. Whip Hand has wonderful highly pigmented, statement making shades, but I absolutely detest these little bottles that they package them in. 

Now I have heard of the Gatsby Salon somewhere at some point but never have heard of their products before I received this Ooh La La Volume Shampoo from them.  Apparently after doing some research into the products they sell a whole line dedicated to creating more volume for the hair, everything from shampoo to hairspray. Now, I do not know how long these products have been around but this particular product on their website has only 6 Facebook likes which leaves me kind of feeling like either no one is using Facebook these days or that a lot of people had the same experience with this product as I did..... nothing changed. I used this shampoo and my hair didn't seem even the slight bit different, no more volume to my hair than normal, and it actually was even duller looking when it dried. 
Alright, on and ending note I was pretty happy with all of my products from my subscriptions this month and in about a week I will have a post about some wonderful products from Urban Decay I am adding to my makeup collection and I will have full reviews for those and possibly even a lovely makeup tutorial.

Monday, November 26, 2012

November Ipsy Bag, Birchbox, & Beauty Army Box Full Review

Ipsy Bag (Formerly MyGlam)
When I think of November I think of the holiday season, and upcoming holiday parties, and apparently so does Ipsy because this months theme was Party Perfect and was full of a color scheme perfect for the colder months. Overall this month provided us with great products from wonderful brands, that nearly anyone would love to add to there makeup collection.
This months bag is basic, well made bag in the shade of chocolate brown.

My favorite product of this month is the Meet Matte Eyeshadow from The Balm in the shade of Matt Batali which is a shade of brown that has a slight hint of plum undertones. (This shade is the perfect color for a smokey eyed look.) This product was a sample shade from The Balm's Matte Eyeshadow Palette that includes nine wonderful matte eye shadows for $34.50.

When I think of lip gloss shades to rock this winter the bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lip gloss in the shade of Daredevil is one that is perfect. Daredevil is a sparkling blackberry shade that matches wonderfully with the fall/winter trends. Marvelous Moxie lip gloss has vivid color, it is long-lasting and it provides moisture to the lips. These glosses come in twelve different shades that I would love to own for $18 each.

One part of my face I never really focus on is my eyebrows, sure I tweeze and keep them well kept, but I rarely use makeup to emphasize them. One of the products I received this month was the Chella   Eyebrow Defining Gel which is a brand I have never heard of before this. Chella specializes in skin care products, and products for your eyes and brows. The defining gel helps tame the eyebrows, it keeps all hairs exactly where you want them and really finishes up any makeup look you would like to create.

In the past couple of months I have expanded my nail polish collection thanks to my monthly subscription services, some of the polishes have become my absolute favorites and others I just have added to my collection without knowing what I will end up doing with them. This month I received a polish from Tini Beauty's Nailtini Speakeasy Lacquer collection in the shade of millionaire. Millionaire is a shade of rose gold micro glitter, with teal and gold tinsel, that costs $13 a bottle.
I do not mind glitter in certain ways, but the look of the tinsel makes me think of Christmas trees and children, not of a mature woman's nails. Now, Tini Beauty does have some shades of polish I would love to add to my collection, but in my opinion $13 is too much for just one bottle.
In the past years I have never really been a fan of the shade of brown, but in the past couple months I have expanded my wardrobe to include an adorable chocolate brown sweater dress, and have been rocking a brown smokey eye at least once a week. So, when I received this espresso colored eyeliner from Starlet Cosmetics, I was actually excited because all of the rest of my eyeliners are in shades of black. This eyeliner has become key to create my brown smokey eye look that works perfectly for these colder months.

This month's Birchbox will be the last one I receive, since I have been a subscriber to Birchbox the packages I received have really been hit or miss. Most months include five or six samples, but rarely are they good quality, decent sized samples. Once again this month was a letdown, not as bad as the October Birchbox, but not good enough to keep me as a subscriber.
Out of this month's five samples my favorite product was the fragrance from
Jouer Cosmetics that was a blend of jasmine, gardenia, and honeysuckle with a roller ball applicator. I am not a fan of perfumes with a roller ball applicator, I would like for people around me to know that I smell good, not just myself. The scent itself of this perfume is a light feminine floral scent, that makes me think of early spring.

In the past couple month's mascara has been a go to product for my monthly subscription services, so when I seen that I received the Fibre LashXtend from ModelCo in this month's Birchbox my only thought was that it better measure up.... and it did not. The best thing about this mascara is that it was a full sized sample and included a mirror right on the packaging, but it doesn't seem to do much for my eyelashes and there is no way I would pay $24 for such a lousy mascara.

Since I have been a subscriber to Birchbox I have received two different products from Stila Cosmetics and I haven't been overly thrilled with either product. Now I have heard some amazing reviews of products from Stila, but I myself have never tried anything from them that would make me rave. This month's product was the All Over Shimmer Luminizer in the shade of bronze shimmer, which is too orangey for my pale skin tone so I can't give a very thorough review.  (I wish Birchbox would take subscribers skin colors into consideration.)

Like I have said in the past I always appreciate receiving hair products, but this month's hair product I tested three separate days and still didn't see it work. The product is called Curl Keeper from  Curly Hair Solutions and is suppose to provide a voluminous bounce to your curls without making it crunchy, and also keep your frizz in control. To use this product you apply it to your wet hair from root to tip, then let your hair air dry. I tested this three times because I thought maybe my hair was just being difficult on that certain day or something, but every time my curls were less defined than normal and flatter, but it did keep my hair frizz free.
Like all other months Birchbox included a "lifestyle extra", majority of the time this happens to be some sort of food sample, this month's was a small chocolate bar from Chuao Chocolatier. These chocolate bars mostly come in unusual flavors that would make most people second guess even tasting them. The flavor that was included in my Birchbox was the honeycomb flavored chocolate bar that consisted of honey caramelized into bits and cover in dark chocolate, and tasted amazing. Now the other flavors this company creates I am not so sure about, but definitely know that the honeycomb flavor makes me curious to try the others.
This month's Beauty Army selection was full of items I had never tried before, unlike last month, and I was very happy to see that everything was back to normal and that I had some good options to choose from.
My favorite product from this month's Beauty Army Box is Every Beauty Pedicure Pad . The pedicure pad is meant to remove dry skin without harming the skin, and it works wonderfully. The pad is great for elbows, knees and feet, and is gentle enough to use on dry skin, but also can be used when the skin is wet. When initially testing this product I just used it on my elbows really quick and could immediately feel the results.
One of my favorite products to always have with me is lip balm, I tend to have dry lips a lot and require a lip balm that not only protects my lips but moisturizes them. This month I chose the You Da Balm Coconut Lip Balm, which has the added bonus of being 100% natural. I regret choosing the coconut flavor because the scent and taste was definitely too strong for my liking, but I don't mind the balm itself. I do prefer a lip balm with some SPF protections, and this one lacks that, but I do like using this balm when I am wandering around the house. They offer this balm also in Grapefruit and Tea Tree.
Before this month I have been offered numerous times the chance to choose a mystery sample, which I have always rejected in the past, but when choosing my November samples I decided to take a chance and pick one. My mystery sample was from M.A.D Skincare and was meant to control oil production, calm irritation, and moisturize the skin. Like I always say, when samples are this small it can be difficult to tell if they truly work or not and I didn't notice any difference in my skin within the couple of times I could use it.
When I think of Fall and Winter I think of nature, natural items, and earth tones and that translates into my makeup artistry. In the colder months I tend to lean to more neutral colors and earth tones than I would in the warmer months. This month I received Whip Hand Cosmetics  Loose Pigment Eyeshadow in a shade called Locked & Loaded which is an iridescent brown shade that works great for smokey eyes. The pigment blends out wonderfully, but the container it comes in is difficult to work with, it comes in a tiny jar.

This 7 in 1 shampoo from Nelson J has the ability to replace your shampoo, conditioner, detangler, shine spray, smoothing serums, color protector, and pre-styling lotions. This is the first non-foaming shampoo that not only cleanses hair, but doesn't use harsh chemicals. I was very hesitant at first with this shampoo because I have never heard of it before this, but was surprised when my hair was shiny, soft and easier to comb after the shower. The scent itself of the shampoo is definitely something that takes a bit to get use to, they use a natural mint scent and well it's pretty strong the first time around, but well worth it.
Overall this month my subscriptions offered a lot of products I wouldn't typically buy and brands I would typically try. Like I said earlier in the post I will be discontinuing my subscription to Birchbox because they do not offer enough good sized decent quality products. I will continue my other subscriptions because I do absolutely love Beauty Army and Ipsy. So, stay tuned for the month of December, I am definitely curious myself to see what they come up with.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just Fab Review

Shoe and Accessory Heaven

A couple months ago I joined Just Fab on a whim, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had a coupon for my first order that would get me two pairs of shoes for the price of one and just could not pass that up considering I am a shoe lover. After creating a profile and learning a little about how Just Fab works I made my first order, and as of now I am very happy that I didn't pass up the chance. First off if after the end of this you are interested in Just Fab please use this link HERE to reach there website, not only does it direct you to the website, but for every person that uses this link when joining I receive credits, which I definitely would appreciate.
How Just Fab Works:
1. You take a short style quiz that helps the stylists get to know you better.
2. You receive a personalized boutique of handbags, jewelry and shoes every month.
3. Go Shopping! All of the styles are $39.95 and they offer free shipping and returns.
Just Fab is free to join and you have no obligation to purchase every month. The one catch is that if you do not want to purchase in the month you must skip it by the fifth or they will charge you and place a credit on your account which you can use for whatever item you would like. Another bonus that Just Fab offers is hassle free customer service, they are open 24/7 and you can either reach them on the phone, via email, or via live chat, and so far I have add very positive encounters with them.
One thing that I have noticed confuses some people is that even though a stylist does select some items they think you would like according to your style quiz, you have the freedom to roam the whole website and choose whatever styles you would like, not just what is in your boutique.
Now normally I have a huge difficulty purchasing shoes, and I NEVER have purchased shoes online before this because of the fact that I have larger calves and wide feet which makes it difficult to find a good comfortable fitting shoe. I have complete confidence in purchasing shoes from Just Fab, they carry sizes 5.5 to 11 on a regular basis and they offer simple and free returns/exchanges.
Now onto what I have added to my closet since I joined Just Fab, and I might just have to show you a couple items on my wish list to purchase sometime in the next couple months. If you have any questions about Just Fab feel free to comment and I will gladly answer anything for you.
Just Fab calls this adorable shoe Cher. Yes, they name there whole shoe collection with adorable names. I absolutely loved this shoe, but unfortunately I had to return it because it was too narrow for my wide feet. :(
This lovely boot is named Dharia. The heels are a little high compared to what I am use to, but surprisingly enough they are quite comfortable. These are a perfect addition to my fall collection.
This little gem is called Gemma. They offer these in this lovely shade of brown, or in black, before these I didn't own any brown boots so I had to add them to my fall collection. They are a wonderful fit and absolutely adorable. The shade of brown is slightly darker than what is pictured but I actually like them even more because of that.
This little doll is called Jillian, and it is part of Just Fab's holiday collection. They also offers these in a vibrant shade of blue and black. I would love to add these to my shoe collection in the near future.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

October Birchbox, Ipsy Bag, & Beauty Army Box: Full Review

Finally, today I received my Beauty Army Box, so now I am finally able to write a full review on all of my October monthly subscription services like I promised. Embedded below is my video unveiling the products I received for my Ipsy Bag, and my Birchbox  , go ahead and check that out if you haven't already and then following is my full, honest review on each product.

This month's theme was bombshell, and I absolutely loved it, this is my favorite bag so far, and it had the most makeup samples. The bag itself was an adorable black, white and red chevron bag, pictured below along with my favorite product of the month. This month's bag is the best one I have received since being a subscriber to Ipsy (MyGlam).

 Be A Bombshell Eyeliner $14

This eyeliner is my favorite product I have ever received from Ipsy. Since my signature look involves doing a cat-eye or winged eye liner I love to purchase eyeliners with the tips that are like markers, and this has a good sized one. I normally use either the Marbella or BH Cosmetics marker tip eyeliners but they feel like they dry out at times and this one always feels moist. This is the best eyeliner for making a precise / straight line. They offer these liners in black, brown and a purple-ish blue.

 What's Your Type? "the body builder" Black Mascara $19

This is my second favorite product since being a subscriber to Ipsy. As you can see this month they really wanted to provide us with good quality samples from good brands. I have always wanted to try products from TheBalm and just never really have had the chance to, and now that I have tried this I will definitely be ordering from them in the near future. Normally when I apply mascara I have to apply two coats for full coverage and volume, but with this mascara one simple coat does wonders and provides exactly the amount of volume I look for. Another wonderful quality this mascara offers is that it is CLUMP FREE, no more hassle with clumps is definitely enough to make it worth it. Also, it is long lasting it doesn't seem to fade or smear throughout the day, even when it's quite warm out.

Eyeshadow $1.99 per shadow
Top Left: Vibrant Blue
Top Right: Deep Eggplant
Bottom Left: Candlelight
Bottom Right: Elven Midnight (this is not a typo)
I always love expanding my eyeshadow collection, in my opinion you can NEVER have enough good quality eye shadows. I have noticed on the website the pictures of the colors they have are not exact, there is a huge difference between the actual color compared to the websites picture, so be careful ordering colors you are unsure of because they seem to be darker/brighter in person. I absolutely love this little collection of shadows, the shade of candlelight is perfect to use as a highlighting color for my pale skin, and the elven midnight and deep eggplant are wonderful smokey eye colors, I have yet to use the vibrant blue but as you can tell it is quite bright. The eye shadows blend out well, and are highly pigmented, so what you see is what you get. I have purchased eye shadows before from Coastal Scents and I have never had a negative transaction, and have always loved the products I received.
Mirenesse Lip Bomb in Mirror Mirror
Holy Cow! I just actually checked up on the price of this stuff and really couldn't believe how expensive this stuff is, and in my opinion it is definitely NOT worth it. They offer this product on the website in two different shades of red, and I wanted to love this product so badly, I mean a red lip is part of my signature look, but no matter how many times I have tried this something always goes wrong with it making me believe it is not worth $35, now if it was somewhere near $10 I would deal with it and purchase again. First off the negatives, this lip product is very heavy and difficult to get a even application, and it also smears very easily for at least the first hour of wear, during the making of my video I had to stop at least 10 times to wipe it off of my teeth and away from the edges of my mouth, even though I applied lip liner also to help. I also have tried it without the lip liner and still had the same difficulties. Now the positives, the color is absolutely amazing, and I do believe that once it dries up it does last quite long, but back to the negative side, once I did get it off, which took quite a scrubbing, my lips felt very chapped and dry. Like I said before if this product was cheaper I would consider dealing with the hassle, but in my opinion it is nowhere near worth $35.
Pequi Oil Treatment $12 for .5 fl oz
Now when it comes to hair products my opinion never seems to match up with other people's reviews, maybe my hair is just odd or something, but I didn't notice too many differences while trying this. I do know that it does have a wonderful smell, and it is alcohol free which is always a positive, and it is suppose to help create softer and shinier hair, which it does a little for me, but mostly I have noticed that it makes my hair greasy.
This month Birchbox teamed with a company called Goop . Goop is a company that was created in 2008 by Gwyneth Paltrow to help share all of life's positives. The website itself doesn't give a real good definition of what exactly Goop is, but Birchbox stated that Goop is there go to for lifestyle inspiration. To sum everything up this month's box was lame and I am seriously considering canceling my subscription, some months are good but others are just horrible.  
DDF Brightening Cleanser
This foaming face wash is suppose to help minimize uneven skin tone and reduce age spots, and it comes in a licorice scent. I have been trying this face was for about two weeks now, and haven't noticed any different in my skin. I use this every night before bed and I have to plug my nose to use it because the licorice scent is very strong and makes me sick, afterwards my face does feel clean, but I have notice it does nothing for taking makeup off. Since I have been using this my skin has been getting very greasy and has broke out worse than it has in years, after this review I do not plan on using it again. 
Perfekt Lip Perfection Gel in Melrose
This is the one and only makeup sample of the month, and it is TINY. I have never heard of Perfekt Beauty before this, but I am always curious to try new brands, and the packaging is adorable. The lip perfection gel comes in 5 different shades, and is suppose to not only moisturize but provide good color and even application.
Mighty Leaf Tea Assortment
To be honest I wasn't really that excited to get tea, I have a MASSIVE collection of teas already, and I am not real fond of getting food samples from a beauty themed monthly subscription service, I would much rather a beauty product, especially this month because everything pretty much sucked. On the optimistic side I checked out the site for this company and I do like the fact that they have a massive selection of flavors and they do sell loose teas, not just tea bags. They also offer boxes that have up to a 100 tea bags per package for avid tea drinkers.
And finally I get to reveal what I ended up receiving from Beauty Army this month... This month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month they are donating a portion of there sales to Strides Against Breast Cancer . Like I said in my video I did have problems with my account this month which caused my box to come later than normal, when I went to do my selections this month they were the same products I received last month, and no matter how I changed up my beauty profile I ended up with the same things. So, after that I got on Facebook and commented there in hope of some assistance and explanation and they responded back for me to email them which I did, I waited a couple of days and no response so I emailed again and once again no response.. After that I commented on Facebook once again and they commented back and gave me a different email address to try so I forwarded all my past messages and another new one to that email, and still NO RESPONSE, and I basically just gave up, I selected the favorites out of my selection that was offered and just dealt with it. I am hoping next month things are better and I get a good selection otherwise I will have to fight once again with there horrible customer service to get assistance, because I do typically really love Beauty Army. Okay, now onto my samples for the month, I will not be saying much about a couple of these products because I have wrote about them in past Beauty Army reviews.
Lipsi Aphrodite Powder
This is the second time I have received this sample, and the first time I wasn't even sure exactly what it was for until I did a little research on the website. Aphrodite powder is a face powder designed to absorb excess oils on your face to help provide glowing skin, it works pretty well but it isn't my favorite face powder that I have tried.
Paris Amour Bodywash
This is another product I have received twice, but I didn't mind getting this one a second time I actually just used up the last one. Like a lot of other products from Bath and Body Works this has a wonderful scent and that is the number one reason I love it. The scent is also long lasting, you can still smell it even after you are out of the shower and dry.

Emani Minerals Primer
Once again a product I have received twice, and just like last time I love this primer. It is lightweight and provides a smooth base for applying makeup.
Blushed by Ruddy Water
The first time I received this sample I had a much more positive review, I loved the scent and the packaging was neat, but this time when I received it and opened the package to apply the wipe inside was dried out and the package had more scent to it than the wipe itself.

Skinn Cosmetics Twin Set Lipstick and Lip Gloss in Coral Poppy
This is the first time I have ever received this product or tested something from Skinn Cosmetics and I wasn't overall impressed. This duo has a lipstick end and a gloss end and comes in 13 different shades. For starters I love the color, but the quality of the product isn't really worth $13 in my opinion. I applied the lipstick in the morning before I left to work and in about 15 minutes it appeared cracked and clumpy and my lips felt and looked dry. The lip gloss itself comes in one of those applicators that no matter how hard you try to get some everytime you pull out the little wand it only brought out a tiny dab, and the gloss also didn't have much color.
Ineke HotHouse Flower Perfume
This is one of those fancy expensive perfumes that I can only picture old women in fur coats wearing. I put a little dab on my wrist to test the scent and I smelled like it all day, my son told me I smelled yucky. It is suppose to have hints of Earl Grey Tea, Cypress, Gardenia, Musk, Fig, and so on, and it smelled disgusting to me.
Overall this month my favorite subscription was the Ipsy Bag, besides that the products I received I wasn't too satisfied with. I am hoping next month's get better and you will see them as soon as I receive them. Once again next month I will do an unveiling video when I first receive my packages and then write a written review on here when I get a chance to test everything fully. Thank you!
-Bri Grim