Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just Fab Review

Shoe and Accessory Heaven

A couple months ago I joined Just Fab on a whim, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had a coupon for my first order that would get me two pairs of shoes for the price of one and just could not pass that up considering I am a shoe lover. After creating a profile and learning a little about how Just Fab works I made my first order, and as of now I am very happy that I didn't pass up the chance. First off if after the end of this you are interested in Just Fab please use this link HERE to reach there website, not only does it direct you to the website, but for every person that uses this link when joining I receive credits, which I definitely would appreciate.
How Just Fab Works:
1. You take a short style quiz that helps the stylists get to know you better.
2. You receive a personalized boutique of handbags, jewelry and shoes every month.
3. Go Shopping! All of the styles are $39.95 and they offer free shipping and returns.
Just Fab is free to join and you have no obligation to purchase every month. The one catch is that if you do not want to purchase in the month you must skip it by the fifth or they will charge you and place a credit on your account which you can use for whatever item you would like. Another bonus that Just Fab offers is hassle free customer service, they are open 24/7 and you can either reach them on the phone, via email, or via live chat, and so far I have add very positive encounters with them.
One thing that I have noticed confuses some people is that even though a stylist does select some items they think you would like according to your style quiz, you have the freedom to roam the whole website and choose whatever styles you would like, not just what is in your boutique.
Now normally I have a huge difficulty purchasing shoes, and I NEVER have purchased shoes online before this because of the fact that I have larger calves and wide feet which makes it difficult to find a good comfortable fitting shoe. I have complete confidence in purchasing shoes from Just Fab, they carry sizes 5.5 to 11 on a regular basis and they offer simple and free returns/exchanges.
Now onto what I have added to my closet since I joined Just Fab, and I might just have to show you a couple items on my wish list to purchase sometime in the next couple months. If you have any questions about Just Fab feel free to comment and I will gladly answer anything for you.
Just Fab calls this adorable shoe Cher. Yes, they name there whole shoe collection with adorable names. I absolutely loved this shoe, but unfortunately I had to return it because it was too narrow for my wide feet. :(
This lovely boot is named Dharia. The heels are a little high compared to what I am use to, but surprisingly enough they are quite comfortable. These are a perfect addition to my fall collection.
This little gem is called Gemma. They offer these in this lovely shade of brown, or in black, before these I didn't own any brown boots so I had to add them to my fall collection. They are a wonderful fit and absolutely adorable. The shade of brown is slightly darker than what is pictured but I actually like them even more because of that.
This little doll is called Jillian, and it is part of Just Fab's holiday collection. They also offers these in a vibrant shade of blue and black. I would love to add these to my shoe collection in the near future.