Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My very first Voxbox

Good Evening :)

About a month ago when I was researching monthly subscription services I came across a website called www.influenster.com and was very curious because I absolutely love samples. Influenster provides the Voxbox, it is not a monthly service, it is free, all you have to do is qualify for the type of box they are offering, and in return do a product review for items in your box.

Who gets a Voxbox?

Influenster's are selected for themed shipments based on the badges they have unlocked and individual demographics, ensuring members receive products that match their lifestyles and interests. Members with high 'Influenster scores' - within the specific consumer groups we are targeting for that program - are prioritized, so make sure to connect and unlock as many influence badges as you can!

When am I getting a Voxbox?

All new shipment announcements are made on their Facebook and Twitter pages, so make sure to like and follow Influenster on social media to stay in the loop! Note their programs are themed and designed to target various consumer groups throughout the year. When you meet the specific requirements for an upcoming VoxBox campaign, they send a program invitation a few weeks in advance so that you can officially confirm your participation. Please note:  They do not ship to Hawaii or Alaska at this time. 

What are Influenster Badges?

  Influenster has two categories of badges, lifestyle and influence badges, the more badges you receive the more of a chance you have to receive a Voxbox. They have badges for the blogger, the traveler, the mother and nearly everything in between and it doesn't take much to qualify for a badge, all you have to do is either take a little quiz or survey. (Don't worry they do not intrude too much on your personal life, and do not require much information.)

Now onto my very first Voxbox...

I recieved my very first Voxbox two days ago, to qualify for this Voxbox you had to be a mother, which I am. (If you look back at my very first blog post you can see pictures of my two children.)

Included in the Mom Voxbox was:

One Quaker Soft Baked Oatmeal Raisin Cookie- www.quakeroats.com
I absolutely love Quaker Cookies, and this one was very soft. Both of my children snagged and piece and enjoyed it just as much as I did.

Ivory Bar Soap- www.ivory.com
I don't typically use bar soap, but if I was to use it on a regular basis I would go with Ivory.

DenTek Comfort Clean & Fun Flossers- www.dentek.com
My son was excited to try the Fun Flossers, they come in bright colors and are Wild Fruit flavored. The Fun Flossers were easy to use for my three year old and definetly encouraged him to floss. The Dentek Comfort Clean Flossers say on the package they are easy to use with teeth that are tight together and sensitive gums and I agree, I have both of those problems and they were simple and comfortable to use.

Stash Tea Superfruits Tea Sampler & Nektar Sweetner and Coupon- www.stashtea.com
I was very excited about this sample because I love fruit flavored teas, and I am always looking for a new favorite. This sampler came with Mangosteen, Goji Berry and Pomengranate Raspberry, Acai Berry, and Yumberry Blackcurrant and Blueberry. This also came with some Nektar Naturals Honey Crystals to use as a natural sweetner without all the sticky mess. So far I have tried the Goji Berry and Pomengranate Raspberry Tea and I absolutely loved it, I was worried it was going to be too strong for my taste, but my taste buds thoroughly enjoyed the flavor. I also use one packet of the Nektar Honey Sweetner in a glass of green tea and it was great, it added that subtle honey taste that I love.

imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway in Stiletto and Coupon- www.impressmanicure.com
I absolutely loved receiving this sample because I have been trying out different types of "no nail polish" nail treatments lately and will soon be doing a review on all of them. You can find these nails in tons of different nail colors and a few prints, and you may have seen commercials of these with Nicole Scherzinger in them. This is the very first thing I used out of my Voxbox and was pretty excited with the results. The nails do look nice and seem to be lasting well, I have given the kids a bath with them on, did dishes, and scrubbed the floors, and so far they are still sticking very well. My only complaint about them is they didn't have one to fit my thumbnail, but I have extra wide nails it seems, and luckily I happened to have a nail polish that was very close to the Stiletto Shade to use.