Monday, June 4, 2012

Monthly Subscription Services

Hello :)

In the past couple months I have been trying out a couple different monthly subscription services, I wanted to share my experiences, products and thoughts about the different companies I have tried so far and the ones I am interested in trying in the future. I have researched and watched YouTube videos on almost all the services and I will post some links to videos on each. The first four services I have tried myself and the rest I am interested in trying.

MyGlam   $10 a month

I learned about MyGlam through Jessica Harlow off of YouTube, MyGlam is the very first monthly subscription I checked out, when I first wanted to sign up they were sold out of subscriptions, which so far has happened with most of the companies, they typically take your email and send you a message when you can subscribe. So far I have received one MyGlam Bag and I was pretty impressed. When you first start up on they have you take a little quiz  that customizes a beauty profile for you, then every month you receive 4-5 beauty samples, some are full sized products others deluxe beauty samples. MyGlam also offers videos on how to use your products and looks you can achieve with your products, they have five stylists named Promise, Michelle, Andrea, Jessica and Bethany that lead you through this, below is links to each of there YouTube accounts. It is possible to find many unveiling of the monthly boxes on YouTube made by many different people if you are interested in seeing more opinions and what has come in past months.

Jessica Harlow (one of my favorite youtubers)

Promise Phan (amazing at makeup transformations)

The first bag I received was the May Glam Bag, each month your samples come in an adorable makeup bag, this month the bag was blue with pink lips on it.

Inside my bag was samples of:

Love Sweet Love Spray Fragrance by Philosophy
It was a small sample, but it has an amazing smell and this is surprisingly the first time I have tried a product from philosophy.
Lipstick from Studio Gear in the shade of Foxy Pink
The color itself isn't something I would typically pick, but I am excited to try a lipstick from a brand I have never tried before.

Three Brushes
I received two concealer brushes and a defining eyeliner brushes, and they are made by myglam themselves, so far I think they are good quality.

Miss Beauty Nail Bling
Silver nail stickers with pink hearts on them, they were very girly looking and I did try them but I was not too impressed. They were not easy to fit to your nails and when I did take them off they left my nails looking horrible.


I have been subscribed to Birchbox for two months now, so far I am still deciding which services I like the most. With Birchbox you receive the typical 4-5 samples, they come in a small cardboard box that is really nice to reuse for storage. Here is a link to Birchbox TV on YouTube, they have tutorials, sneak peeks, beauty tips and other interesting videos.

My April Birchbox included samples of:

Kerastase Elixir Ultime
A nourishing oil for the hair that you use before blow drying to protect from heat damage, I love this, at first I was worried about it leaving my hair greasy but it leaves it soft and smelling good.

Showstoppers Designer Fashion Tape in Nude
This sample came with two strips of tape and I tried it out and absolutely loved it, it doesn't hurt the skin or the clothing, and it stays firmly in place.

Juicy Couture- Viva La Juicy Perfume Sample
Absolutely in love with the smell of this fragrance, I will be purchasing this soon.

Color Club Neon Nail Polish in Totally Teal
I love the color and quality of the polish.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Night Cream
This protects your skin and moisturizes it well, I absolutely loved it.

My May Birchbox included samples of:

Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
I definitely would never buy this, I thought it was a low quality liquid liner.

Algenist Regenerative Anti-Aging Moisturizer
It is always nice to get samples of anti-aging moisturizers, even though I am young it is never to early to take good care of your skin, and these can be quite expensive to purchase.

Beauty Blender Cleanser
It is a gentle cleanser for makeup brushes, I have yet to try this.

Arquiste Flor Y Canto Perfume Sample
This fragrance has a very natural floral scent, but I don't often wear it, I tend to go with more fruity, flirty scents.

Julep Maven

So far I have received the introductory box and the June Julep Maven Box. With Julep Maven they have you take a little quiz that helps them picks the colors of the products they send you, you can try different looks each month if you would like. They also offer the opportunity to skip months, because they do show you what will be in each box. Julep Maven is mainly nail polish samples, I do not personally think it is worth $20 a month. So far I have received four full sized polish samples from them I am in love with the colors but I mean you are basically paying $10 per nail polish.... The box comes with amazing packaging and my June box also came with a sample of Julep Daylight Defense Lip Balm SPF 15 and Julep Daylight Defense for Hands & Face SPF 30 3 oz sample, but I am pretty sure I will be canceling my subscription to this one.  

Beauty Army

When I learned about Beauty Army I was pretty excited, with beauty army you get to choose your own samples, they give nine samples to choose from based on a quiz they have you take, and you can choose up to six. As of right now my first package is in transit and I can not wait to receive it. I have watched many YouTube videos on this, and read reviews, and overall it seems this is the best monthly subscription service to go with. It comes in a sturdy box that would be great to reuse for storage. I will tell you the samples I chose for this month and when I do receive it I will update this and tell you more of what I think.

What I chose for month of June:

Control Corrective Redness Relief Serum Sample size .1 oz
It is a small sample but if it works I may purchase in the future, it is a botanical based serum that hydrates and provides relief to redness prone skin. My skin is very sensitive and dry and my cheeks tend to turn red because of this so I hope this works.
Aquolina Pink Sugar Eau De Toilette Natural Spray Sample Size .6 oz
A blend of raspberry, vanilla, caramel , fig leaf, licorice blossom, lily of the valley, Sicilian oranges, and red berry scents.
Update: I love this, it reminds me of roasted almonds from the fair.
Clickr Skin Care Acne Spot Serum Sample Size .11 oz
I do have a bit of acne and I am hoping this works for it, I have read reviews that say it is great when you feel a pimple coming on.
Update: I have been trying this, but I have not noticed any difference for me.
Atopalm Intensive Moisturizing Cream Sample Size .25 oz
Another type of face moisturizer, with my dry skin this is always in need.
Update: I have been using this recently and it has made my problem areas much smoother and a little less red. :)
La Fresh Oil Free Face Cleanser Sample Size 1 wipe
This is suppose to cleanses and exfoliate while effectively removing makeup.
Update: I used this the very day I received my box and it easily removed my makeup, and made my skin feel fresh, now if I only had more.
NYX La Amoureux Mascara Full Sized Sample
24 hour, smudge free mascara
Update: Definitely was excited that this was a full size sample, I have been using it a lot lately.

Conscious Box
$12 a month + $7 Shipping

I have no tried this service I have just read reviews on it. With this service you receive 10-20 Eco friendly samples of products once a month. This service offers vegan beauty products, organic food samples, content on daily living tips, and products for the home. This is the only Eco friendly service that I have discovered and it seems quite interesting to me, I am not sure if I will be trying this one myself but I do have a couple friends I am recommending this one to.


With this service I will not be providing links or the price because me writing about this is more of a warning then anything. I have read many reviews on this service and so far it sounds horrible. People say that billing wise they bill you as soon as you join then don't send your package for over a month, they change there prices and ways of doing things often, and when you do receive a package it is of either expired products or off brand bad quality products, so I recommend to please avoid this service.

$20 a month + shipping that varies
This is a service for women with curly hair, they send you 6-8 products monthly. This service allows you to choose the products you receive monthly, but I can not find many reviews on this one.


With this service you receive 4-5 products monthly but far the reviews are not the best they say that the products you receive are low quality and that there are many better services out there.