Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July MyGlam Bag and July Birchbox

Well every time one of my monthly subscriptions comes in the mail I can not wait to share with everyone what I have received, in the past week both my July MyGlam Bag and my July Birchbox came.

July MyGlam Bag
Every MyGlam bag has a theme, and this month was beach beauty, I don't think MyGlam stuck closely with that theme throughout there selection of items, but I am pleased with this month's items.
The bag itself:
I understand why they would choose this for a beach theme, but I have never been a fan of having what's in my makeup bag/purse out in the open, and I probably will never use this.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil Free Lotion 1oz.

On the website they describe this lotion as a lightweight moisturizer that helps visibly reduce oil on the skin's surface, leaving a shine free, and balanced appearance. It is non-greasy, paraben free, oil free, fragrance free, and colorant free, so it seems to be the ultimate moisturizer for sensitive skin. I checked out a bit of the reviews on the site, and overall it seems to be a loved product, but with all beauty products it might not be everyone. I put this lotion on about twenty minutes ago just after I got out of the shower, and so far my skin feels soft and doesn't look oily. I have very sensitive skin on my face, and I am prone to dry skin, yet most lotions are too heavy/too oily for my liking, but this is lightweight enough that it feels comfortable. This moisturizer has already made my skin feel super soft, it was cooling, and refreshing after application, and it provides a thin enough coverage that I can forget I have product on my face.

NuMe HydroPunch Hydrating Conditioner

For starters I have yet to try this product because I have been testing out the hair masque that came with my july Birchbox, but I am always open to expanding my collection of hair products for dry/damaged hair. I am a women who gets very bored with her hair and when I get bored I like to either change my style or color, but as of right now I am growing my hair out, so I can't. So, for about the past six months I have only trimmed my hair, and for the past about two months I have been a redhead, before that I was a natural brunette, and before that I had black hair and the list goes on. According to the site this product will restore elasticity and flexibiliy to dry and damaged hair and I hope it lives up to the hype and I will update soon.

Yes to Cucumbers On-The-Go Facial Towelettes

I fully understand why MyGlam included these in there beach theme, these towelettes are compact for travel or a day at the beach, and they are the perfect refresher after being in the sun. They contain aloe, cucumber and green tea, they are biodegradable and all-natural and they work wonderfully to remove dirt and make-up. I tested these out after I had already washed my face with my Nutrogena Face Wash/Makeup Remover, and I was amazed with what I seen on the wipe, even after washing my face there was evidence of makeup on the wipe, and when I was done washing my face felt clean and refreshed.

Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain

I received this in the shade of Tango, which is a vibrant peachy pink. I typically do not wear pink on my lips, red is my go to color, but so far I am loving this color. I will more than likely never use this for my cheeks because I rarely use blushes, but I will be using this for many different looks this summer. I personally like to wear this when I am rocking a more natural, neutral colored look to add just the perfect pop of color to my face.
Wearing Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip Stain

Circus Nail Polish by Andreas Choice

First off, the polish on the right is from my July Birchbox, and will be talked about later in this post, the polish on the left is the Circus Nail Polish in the shade of Reverso. I have heard a lot of complaints about the fact that the polish comes from Andreas Choice and not a well known brand, but personally I am more concerned about quality than brand. I have not used this as a base color, and I more than likely never will, but I do like it to make polka dots or other designs. I can't fully judge this product because I only used it for polka dots, I wish they would have sent me a different color to test out.

So, in the end I am pretty pleased with my July MyGlam Bag. This month's bag contained more full size samples, and more high quality samples than any of the other bags I have received from MyGlam so far.

July Birchbox 
This month Birchbox teamed up with Glamour to create a box that is suppose to stimulate all of your senses.

Larabar Uber Roasted Nut Roll

I personally do not like eating things that were sent in the mail, just kind of freaks me out for some reason. I also am not fond of foods with so many nuts in them, so I did not try this, however, my son did eat this and seemed to enjoy it.

Suki Balancing Regimen

There was a couple more samples than I have pictured above, but I tried those before I took the pictures. Along with the transformative cleansing clay, and balancing day lotion there was an exfoliate foaming cleanser, and a concentrated balancing toner, all of these plus two other products make up Suki Skin Care's 21 day dermal detox kit. I tested the exfoliate foaming cleanser first and wasn't sure of it as soon as I opened the package, it was yellow and heavily "beaded" to exfoliate, and just looked like it was something that would irritate my skin, but I tried it anyways... As I lathered it up I noticed that it didn't smell that pleasant and I was hoping that the smell of the product wouldn't make my skin smell, but it did. I followed up with the balancing toner, applying it to a cotton ball like directed, the smell of the toner was even worse and it made my skin extremely greasy. I basically immediately washed my face after all of this with another face cleanser. Suki suggests these products for all skin types, especially combination to oily skin,  and it's specially formulated for acne, rosacea, eczema and dermatitis prone skin. I wouldn't recommend this to anyways based on the harsh smells alone, but it did the opposite for me than it stated also.

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt 

On a more optimistic not I am absolutely in love with this scent, and am super excited it was in my Birchbox, because I have never heard of this brand before. The scent of Eau Flirt has notes of Lavender, Pumpkin Pie, Citrus, Jasmine, Freesia, Ylang Ylang, Nutmeg, and Cinnamon. Now reading off all of that it makes it sound like "too much" for me, but honestly you can't judge it until you smell it. This scent is flirty and seductive, perfect for any date or encounter with the opposite sex. (or same sex, whatever you prefer, I do not mind) After smelling this I am determined to smell some of the other scents Harvey Prince offers, because I am in love with this. They offer sample size bottles for $12.00 and the full size products are reasonably priced.

Color Club Summer Pastels Collection

I received the Color Club Nail Polish in the shade of Blue-ming, which I absolutely adore. It is pictured on the right above, and was used to create the base of my look. It took two coats to get a full coverage, but I absolutely love the color.

Coco de Soleil Gloss Moderne High Gloss Masque

I love anything that is intended to make my hair healthier and shinier, and this product does just that. I used this last night in my shower after I washed my hair, the directions say to massage into rinsed hair for five minutes then rinse. After my hair fully dried I could tell it worked it's magic, my hair was shinier and softer, and only had a hint of frizz to be seen.

Manna Kadar Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion

I typically do not purchase products like this because I have very fair skin and absolutely love it. I also do not like the shimmer/glitter effect of most products like this, but since this was part of my Birchbox I decided I would try it. They say this provided a sheer glow and dewy finish, but I wasn't pleased with the finish result. I applied this lightly on my face and wasn't pleased with the result, my skin is so fair that this made me look slightly orange, it didn't blend well, and it was too shimmery for my liking, it may work better on someone not as pale as me though.

Along with everything else this Birchbox came with a set of  neon green and pink ear buds. I didn't take the time to take a picture but I have tested them out, and they do have decent sound quality and they are quite comfortable to wear. Along with this was a link to Spotify for a play list they say is perfect for getting dolled up and ready to go, but I have not tested that yet.

Overall, I was pleased with this month's Birchbox because I did find a couple products I do love even though there were a few bad ones. Also, my sensitive pale skin makes some of the products sent some months more difficult to use and judge.