Monday, July 30, 2012

Taking a minute for promotion.

Hello :)

Today I just want to take a couple minutes out of my busy day to promote my love Aaron a.k.a Kemical Grim.
Photo Shoot in the Cemetary

Photo Shoot for Cover of First Album

A show for Halloween.

For starters I am a fan of all types of music. I love songs with heartfelt, well written lyrics and I love songs with a good beat. I love musicians who show who they truly are with their music, and Kemical is one of those musicians. Kemical is a rapper, not the typical rapper (as you can probably tell just by the photos above) , but one with meaningful lyrics, intelligence, and a ton of talent. He can make a song that will make you laugh, make you think about your life or just something to dance/rock out to. Kemical also happens to be the love of my life, so I see him behind closed doors, I see him through the creative process of writing, recording, and filming his videos. I believe Kemical has more talent than anyone ever expected out of him, he is constantly getting better, and moving onto bigger things, so check him out and tell your friends. :)