Monday, September 24, 2012

September Ipsy Bag, Beauty Army Box, and Birchbox

Well, it is September, and everything seems to be running behind this month, all three of my monthly subscriptions shipped later than normal and my life is kind of crazy at the moment. So, because everything is running behind I will be combining all three of my monthly subscription service reviews for September into one post. I also have some news to share with everyone about some changes for my blog that you will be seeing in the near future.
Ipsy Bag (Formerly MyGlam)
For starters I must explain the new company name, as of this month MyGlam is now Ipsy. They changed the name because they wanted a name with a deeper meaning, something that reflected their broader mission to inspire women to express their unique beauty. According to them Ipsy comes from the latin word Ipse, which means self, and according to the urban dictionary Ipsy means "Confidently flaunts her own individuality. Has a distinct and unique personal nature." They also updated the website to provide a more personal experience, and I love it. On the new website they host Look Challenges, so you have the chance to win amazing prizes, who doesn't like prizes, and you have the chance to create your own makeup looks for sharing. Also with the new website you are directly linked to videos of tutorials using the products you receive in your Ipsy Bag.
Also with the new name they also decided this month to use Ipsy subscribers pictures on the little note cards, another wonderful personal touch. I am in there somewhere. :)

SOHO Smudge Brush
I am always excited to get brushes, especially the ones from Ipsy because they provide there subscribers with good quality brushes. The SOHO Smudge Brush works perfectly to create a wonderful smokey eye, which happens to be one of my favorite looks. On the website this brush is sold for $6.99.
Mirabella Eye Color in Semiformal
A couple months ago I received the chance to test a Mirabella eyeliner and I loved it, so when I seen another product from Mirabella I was excited to try it also. The shade Semiformal is PERFECT for fall, it is also perfect when you are planning to do a natural look. Since I have received this sample I have wore it at least 5 times, to work and out to dinner with my boyfriend. These eyeshadows go for $10 on the Mirabella website.
Jane Sparkle Gloss
Now, I am very on the edge about this gloss, I love the color, but the gloss is pretty sticky. I wouldn't recommend wearing this gloss before any kisses, or eating, but is a great color. On the website they sell a 3 pack of these glosses in different shades for $10.
Circus by Andreas Choice in the shade of Tightrope
Andrea's Choice nail polishes come in five different bright unique shades, they are not available for sale to the general public just yet, but according to the website they will be available this fall. The colors are very vibrant, although they do take a couple layers to provide full nail coverage. They also are animal friendly, and have a short drying time.
Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer
Monoi Oil is said to repair damaged hair, and seal split ends instantly. I only have tried this once and it seemed to dry out my hair, but I have VERY picky hair. I read through reviews on this product on both the Ipsy site and on the product's site and all of the reviews were very positive, I will be trying this again. On the website this sells for $25 for 1.7 fluid ounces.
Lipsi Cosmetics Aphrodite Powder
At first when I received this I wasn't exactly sure what to use the Aphrodite Powder for, so I did have to do some research before using, I also had never heard of Lipsi Cosmetics. This powder is designed to soak up excess oil on your skin, and it helps set your makeup keeping your makeup fresh all day long. This product in full size sells for $20.
Nailtiques Formula 2
Formula 2 is a nail treatment for soft, peeling, brittle, and thin nails, my nails are actually pretty healthy at the time being so I haven't tested this. The directions say to apply everyday until you see results and then lessen how many times you apply. This product sells for $5 for an 1/8 ounce bottle.
 Emani Minerals Foundation Primer
Emani has a strong belief in that beauty can come without cruelty, they do not use animal derived ingredients, they do not test on animals, and there products are also gluten free. Emani's products are also free from parabens. This primer worked very well, I put it on before I applied all of my makeup before work and it helped keep everything smooth, fresh, and in place all day long. This sells for $28 on there website and is totally worth it.
Suntegrity Moisturizer Face Sunscreen
This product is also vegan friendly, and paraben free. I did try this product but it didn't work well with my very pale skin, but I did notice is is non-greasy. They sell this for $45, and it comes in two different shades.
Bath&Body Works Twilight Woods, and Paris Amour Bodywash
I do not often get the chance to shop at Bath and Body Works, mostly because when I do get to go to the mall my boyfriend is with me and he is not a huge fan of wandering through shops like that, so I haven't purchased anything from there in a long time. I love these scents, but when you are in the shower they do seem to be a little strong, but they have a good lather and you can smell them even after you are out of the shower. They sell for a $11 each at Bath and Body Works.
Benefit Foamingly Clean Facial Wash and Refined Finish Facial Polish
The facial wash is a one step gentle cleanser that has wonderful reviews. It removes impurites and makeup all at once which lessens the time of your skin routine. The facial polish brightens your complexion and exfoliates, and also has wonderful reviews. I will be purchasing these products in the full size in the near future because I have heard they are wonderful and minimize pores and acne. They are more expensive than a lot of the cleansers I purchase on a regular basis, but I do believe the price is worth it.
BB Beauty Balm Multi Action Skincare + Makeup
This is a one step balm that minimizes the need for foundation and concealer, it is a moisturizer, sunscreen, treatment serum, that also happens to hide imperfections. With this you can completely skip putting a primer on your face, and after using it for awhile you also may feel you don't need as much foundation and concealer. I have sensitive skin and so far I have had no problems using this everyday.
 Color Club Nail Polish in the shade of Status Update
This shade is part of the Birchbox special collection, it is a dark gray color that I am not particularly fond of, it is a little too close to black for my liking. I do love the quality of Color Club nail polishes, but I much prefer receiving more vibrant colors.
Purple Twistband Hair Tie
Okay for starters I would NEVER pay $2 for one of these thing, they look cheap, unfinished and easily coule be snagged. Also as you stretch them to put them in your hair there is a good chance they will come untied. I do not understand why anyone would purchase these things.
Band-Aid Bandages
I was actually excited to see these in my birchbox because of the fact that bandages were on my shopping list and I actually forgot to get them when at the store. Otherwise honestly I am not sure why they would include these in the birchbox, they do have cool designs but I do not really care what is on my bandage when I am hurt.

OOPS... I almost forgot to add in my exciting news, there will be quite a bit of changes happening within the next months, I will have a new design on here hopefully with tabs to seperate my beauty and fitness posts, I also will be doing tutorials and video reviews on youtube. Next month when I receive my monthly subscriptions I will do an unveiling of each box in a video, and talk about each product a little bit, then after I have time to review I will write my reviews on here. So, stay tuned. :)