Sunday, January 20, 2013

January Beauty Army Box and Ipsy Bag

Hello Lovelies!
This month seems to be going by very quickly and it is time to review my monthly subscriptions and give you guys an update on what's going on at the moment and what will be coming next. Before I begin my little review I would like to share some information with everyone. Lately I have been working on revamping my blog to make it more appealing for everyone, and hopefully within the month I should have some wonderful new custom graphics. If you have any suggestions at all feel free to comment or email me at
Do you like the hairstyles pictured above? If so then you will love the tutorials I am about to begin filming, I will be working on a couple different hairstyle tutorials all including a lovely victory roll so stay tuned.
Ipsy Bag
This month's theme was "Super Star" and was filled with quite the variety of products. The bag itself is a dark blue with a star print on the inside of the bag, it's nice, but I am getting quite bored with getting plain bags, I'm ready for a lovely print. (I am crossing my fingers for something vintage inspired.)
When I opened the package my first thought was, Yay! another makeup brush from SOHO! I received a SoHo Smudge Brush back in September 2012 from Ipsy and absolutely love it and use it on nearly a daily basis, so to add an eyeliner brush from them to my collection is quite exciting. This brush's shape includes a wonderful grip for klutzy women like me whom happen to drop their brushes a lot.
I myself feel that the right hairspray can make or break a hairstyle, and Big Sexy Hair's hairspray is wonderful, a little pricey for my taste considering I go through hairspray very quickly but it works very well. It is quite easy to go overboard with this spray and make your hair very stiff, so remember just a little goes a long way.
Since I am a "pin up girl" red lipstick and red nail polish are staples in my signature look and I am always on the lookout for better products to test and this month I received a lovely red nail polish from Tini Beauty called Bloody Mary. Now, the last polish I received from Tini Beauty that I reviewed I was not a fan of, it was a glittery polish in green and gold, but this one is wonderful. This polish only requires one application for a solid red color, and it dries quickly. I typically use a top coat when doing my nails but I wanted to test it's durability without one and it lasted three days with no chips. This nail polish definitely improves my outlook on Tini Beauty.
Like most people at this point I am definitely ready for spring and summer to come, and this Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter from Pacifica makes me even more impatient. Typically I am not a fan of orange scented items, but I absolutely adore the scent of this lotion, it has notes of orange which is offset with scents of strawberry and raspberry. I am very picky when it comes to lotions because I do have sensitive skin but my skin had no issue with this lotion and it doesn't leave that nasty greasy feeling some scented lotions leave behind.
Obviously, oils such as this argan oil from Josie Maran Cosmetics have been trending in the past year or so and I have received a lot of them with my subscriptions. This argan oil has many different uses which include skin moisturizer, skin treatment, split end treatment, and cuticle softener. I have yet to test all of it's uses but I did test it on my freshly dyed Ruby Rush hair and it did make my hair very soft yet a little greasy. I have yet to notice any difference in my split ends but I do like how soft this oil makes it and that my hair is a little less frizzy on its bad days.

Beauty Army Box
As you can see from this picture this month was Beauty Army's birthday so they included an extra choice this month and I decided to go with the Mark scanda-lash mascara in brown. I rarely purchase brown mascara, but I do like it for more natural looks so I decided to go with brown this time. This mascara separates the lashes wonderfully and is perfect for a more subtle natural look.
Apparently products from Mark have been a favorite for Beauty Army, last month I received this red Mark glow baby glow gloss and this month I not only received the mascara but this pink gloss called Honey, which nicely hook together. This gloss is another product great for a subtle natural look or a colorful eye and nude lip combination. Just like the red glow baby glow this gloss is wonderfully pigmented, non-sticky and quite long lasting.
The past couple months have been quite hectic in my household and honestly I do not make enough money to really have a true spa day so products like these firming eye gels from Skyn Iceland  are very welcomed as samples. Now I did find these soothing for about a total of ten minutes and my eyes felt a little refreshed after, but they are definitely not worth $30 for only eight in a pack. They are suppose to tone de-puff under eye skin within ten minutes, but honestly I didn't even notice a physical difference.
Like I have stated many of times in my posts I am not a fan of small foil samples such as this serum and moisturizer from Enspri Skincare because there is not enough in them to really make a judgement on the product. I did test them but within one application I seen no difference between them and any other average serums and moisturizers.

As you can probably see from my other posts I am a HUGE fan of the Yes to...   products, so I was excited to be able to try something new from them. Now once again back to the foil packet issue, but I did feel refreshed after using this eye treatment and noticed a slight difference, and I have full faith in all of the products from their arsenal. This company is known for their wonderful, hard working, natural products that have rave reviews from customers.
Simple enough this Lash Card  is meant to prevent clumping and smudging of mascara and it is nice to have on hand, but I honestly do not see the point of wasting money on the product unless you absolutely can not apply mascara without causing a disaster.
Yet another small sample of Whip Hand Cosmetics  Camo Collection eyeshadow, this shadow is a beige shade called Air Force. Like explained before this shadow blends well and works well for natural looks, but I really would like a better selection of makeup products then what Beauty Army has been offering lately.
Now, this picture is of a simple subtle two minute look I created using the Mark Scanda-Lash Brown Mascara, the Air Force shadow from Whip Hand Cosmetics, and the Mark Glow Baby Glow Lipgloss in the shade of  Honey.