Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BH Cosmetics Review

I said I would soon be doing more product reviews, well for today's post I decided to review BH Cosmetics. I am a relatively new customer to BH Cosmetics, I own three different products as of now but soon will be ordering more and when I do I will be reviewing those as well.

I found out about BH Cosmetics from watching Jessica Harlow videos on YouTube and I was intrigued, the product must be amazing if someone who is so wonderful at makeup uses it, so I quickly checked out there website. There glamorous yet simple layout caught my eye and I browsed through every product they had, I happened to found out about right in the middle of a sale, which excited me even more, who doesn't love a deal? I have noticed since I have been a customer that they frequently have sales and there products are very affordable.

First off, I will be proclaiming my love for my 120 Color Eye Shadow Palette 1st Edition. Link and pictures below.


This is my first real palette of eye shadows; I have always loved doing makeup and hair and just recently decided to begin investing more money into it.

When I first received my package I was extremely excited, it had come a day earlier than I had expected it to and I was amazed by the fast delivery. Now makeup is a very fragile product so I was concerned about the packaging, so when I opened the box I was relieved to see a mass amount of bubble wrap, all of my products were wrapped neatly and safely.

This palette comes with many wonderful colors; some sparkly, some bright, some natural, something for every look I could possibly imagine.
Since I have owned this the color palette it is my go to when it comes to eyeshadow, I love it.

Below you will see an example of what I have achieved with my palette, I was going for a very natural look, using both the brown and the golden tones and a little of the liquid liner seen below.  

As you may be able to tell from my pictures I am a liquid eyeliner fanatic, there is nothing I love more than rocking a sexy winged eyeliner look. So when I see that BH offered a liquid liner that was in a form of what looks like a sharpie I had to have it. I was certain I could create some kickass masterpieces with it.


When applying liquid liner with a typical paintbrush style applicator it is difficult to achieve a good line when you have shaky hands like I do, so it typically takes a little fixing up when I am done, but with this the applicator is stiff and much easier to use.

The line itself isn't the darkest, not as dark as my cheaper liner from Wal-mart and I have to go over it a couple of times to achieve the look I desire and sometimes it tends to seem like it has almost dried out as if it was a marker, which leads me to think I will not be ordering this again and will be going with my normal eyeliner and just try harder at making precise lines.

Now after having two kids I tend to lack sleep so the skin around my eyes is a little darker than I would like it a lot of the time and I tend to rub my eyes a lot and smear my eyeshadow, which I hate.
So when I see there Correcting Eye Primer I decided that it was also a pretty good buy.

This eye primer is completely white so I wouldn't recommend to someone with much darker skin than mine. I use it to not only make my eyes appear brighter but it also makes my shadow and liner long-lasting and a little smudge proof. I use this every day, no matter what look I desire.

So to finish this off I must say I am pretty happy with the products I have ordered from BH. They have wonderful prices and many sales which makes the site amazing for people like me with a low budget, and you get a high quality product which makes it even better. The shipping was simple and reasonably priced and the site is easy to navigate. So, 4 stars to BH for me, I would have given them  5 if I was a little happier with the liners quality.

I soon will be acquiring some more products from BH and as soon as I do I will be writing reviews on those also so stay tuned. :)