Thursday, April 12, 2012

Organizing your makeup collection

As my makeup, hair accessory, and beauty product collections grow I am finding it harder to quickly find what I need when I am getting ready for the day and I am running out of room to stash baskets and makeup bags, so today I will be discussing organization of makeup products. I also will be using the techniques and ideas to clean out my collections later. I have scoured the Internet to find numerous ideas of what to use to organize your items and how to do it. I will start off with ideas for storing makeup, then off to lotions, body washes, hair care etc. then onto hair accessories.

1. Storing and Organizing your Makeup Collection

Before you begin organizing your makeup collection you need to go through your stash and throw out the unused/expired items. If you haven't used something in the past 6 months I would suggest to throw it out. One thing a lot of women do not realize is that makeup does have an expiration date, just because it isn't clearly stamped on the package does not mean it doesn't exist. Below I have listed the general shelf life of products, to make it easier to remember how long you have had a product I recommend taking a small round circle and writing the month and year on it and stick it somewhere on the package that way you know when it is time to discard it.

Shelf Life of Makeup

Concealer: can last up to 12 months
Powder: 2 years
Foundation: Water based will last up to 12 months, oil based will last up to 18 months.
Cream & Gel Cleansers: 1 year
Pencil Eye Liner: Will last up to 3 years, should be sharpened regularly
Eye Shadows: 3 years
Mascara: Expires the fastest, only lasts about 4 months
Lip Liner: 3 years
Lipstick: 1-2 years, it will begin to smell when it is ready to be thrown out
Nail Polish: Up to 12 months, depending on the quality of the polish.

The next step to organizing your makeup is to separate into groups (eye shadows, lipsticks, brushes, etc.), that way when you are looking for something specific it will be easier to find. There are many different options for storing your products, select what is right for you depending on how much makeup you own, where you are going to be storing it, and how often you use your makeup, budget will also come into play sometimes. Here are some ideas:
You could go with a simple cosmetic bag, I myself own too much makeup and do not like digging through a bag to find what I need. I do keep a cosmetic bag stashed away to use when traveling but after today I will be using something else to store all of my makeup.
Another option is using an organizer with drawers, the 5 drawer option is what I will be using. With this option you could separate each type of product and know exactly where they are, bigger items such as palettes I will be stacking next to it in my storage closet.

You could also use a silverware tray. With a silverware tray you can easily separate out your items and your makeup would be out in the open to easily grab. I think it would be perfect for a smaller collection I wouldn't recommend it for someone who has a massive collection.

There are many other types of boxes you could use, you can find stackable ones, little baskets, and other types of simple organizers, it really depends on what kind of collection you have.

My next post will continue on with this topic and discuss ways to organize your lotions, body washes, perfumes, hair products and accessories and all other beauty products.