Monday, May 14, 2012

Organizing Hair Accesories

Good Afternoon! When it comes down to taking care of  hair accessories I have a lot to organize. I myself have a massive collection of clips, bows, hair ties, bobby pins and other things, and I also have a 1 year old daughter with tons of little bows, clips and rubber bands. In the past couple of months I have been working on finding ways to organize all the clutter that comes with having two females in the house, sure my daughter is only one at the time, but she still has quite the collection, and we also have a small apartment, so I would like to share with you the ideas I came up with not only for my accessories but for hers also.

Some of these storage ideas are from items you may find in your home already, others are quick buys and I will have links to for each item. ( I work at Walmart, so I will just use them, but these products can easily be found else where. )

1. Old Tic Tac containers work wonderfully for holding bobby pins.


2. Old picture frames work great for holding either hair clips or hair bows, it just takes a little bit of ribbon hot glued on and a couple minutes out of your day. This is one thing I did do with my collection, I have all my hair flowers and big bows attached to it, I used an old black frame and some black and white polka dotted ribbon.

3. Old storage containers from your kitchen also work well, I have many containers in my kitchen that I just don't use because they are so small that they don't hold much, I received them as gifts when I moved into my first apartment. They work great for hair ties, rubber bands, and small clips.

4. Craft compartment utility boxes also work well for small clips, and hair ties, you can typically find them in the craft section of many stores. They make them to hold buttons, and beads, so they work great for the small items you have to store.

5. Over the door shoe organizers also work well to hold big collections, you can divide up your collection by hair ties, clips, bows, flowers and all other sorts and have a pocket for each, if you have extra pockets you could also store all your hair product there too. (Such as your gel, mousse, hair spray etc.)

6. 3 or 5 Drawer Organizers also work well, I am also using this currently in my home, I have all of my hair ties in the top drawer, second drawer is for small hair clips, and third is all of my daughters hair ties, and rubber bands.

7. Shower curtain rings work for holding any type of hair ties.

For now I will be ending at 7 different ideas, I may be updating this again in the near future, but my son requires my attention as of now, I hope that this blog will help you tackle your clutter and I will be posting a blog about organization of your lotions, washes etc in the next week. Thank you :)