Monday, April 9, 2012

Torrid Review

I'm back, I haven't posted lately because things have been hectic in the real world, a house full of sick people, Aaron had two shows, and I have been working more hours than normal, but now for a little bit things are back to the norm.

In the last update I posted that there would be many reviews in the works, today I will be reviewing Torrid and in the next couple weeks there will be reviews on E.L.F Cosmetics, I have two new items from and I have a couple other beauty products I would love to discuss.

Torrid is a curvy woman's heaven. You can visit and shop online or find a store near you. They carry sizes 10 and up and it's fashionable, wearable clothing. Personally, I think that Torrid is not for someone who is on a tight budget, they have very high quality and beautiful pieces but they are pricey at times.  A torrid store just opened in my local mall so I was quick to take a little shopping trip to explore it, before this store I had only browsed online and never have purchased.

When I first walked in the store the very first thing that caught my eyes were the women who worked there, like me they had curves to kill and they had an amazing fashion sense. They both greeted me and asked if I needed help and checked on me numerous times as I wandered through the store wide eyed. I think I circled the store five times just eyeing items and thinking how I could work the items into my already existing wardrobe. I finally picked out a red satin belted pencil skirt, a black tank top, and a sheer black lace top. I wanted so much more, but as I said before they can be pricey. I wanted one of each dress they had but I often don't have anywhere to wear a dress. Below are links to the tops, the skirt is only sold in stores, but they do have some options for pencil skirts online.

Link for the Sheer Black and Floral lace top:

Link for the Black Ruffle Flutter Tank top:

Me in the Ruffle Flutter Tank Top

I am very pleased with my items, they have a wonderful fit, they are very flattering and I can easily work them into my existing wardrobe.

My number one love about the store was the workers and the ambiance, that is what convinced me to make my purchases and not feel guilty about the price of the items. The workers focused so much on helping me, and the stores decor just made you happy to be there.

So curvy gals of all sizes head to a store near you or check them out online, I promise there will be something that you will fall in love with.