Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August Beauty Army Box

 Hello Lovelies :)

Today, I received my Beauty Army Box, they ship from Ontario, Canada, so I am always excited when it finally gets here to Michigan for me. This month, as always, I was able to choose six samples, this month almost all of my samples were geared towards skincare. I am always in the search for products to better my skin. As of now I will be sharing with you the products I chose, and information about the products, when I get the chance to use the products I will update this post. If you would like to know more about monthly subscription services check out here.    

 Macadamia Healing Hair Oil Treatment 1 fl.oz 
 Full Size Product Prices
.34oz. = $6.50
1oz. = $13.50
4.2oz. = $39.95
10oz. = $75.00 

The Macadamia Healing Hair Oil Treatment is great for all hair types, but especially beneficial for dry, frizzy hair. This treatment helps hair be frizz and tangle free, it also is suppose to cut in half drying time. It has a natural UV protection, and is also alcohol free. I am super excited to test this out, and will update as soon as possible.

UPDATE 8/14/12 - I am loving this hair treatment! This has been making my hair so soft, and it does cut drying time down. The smell isn't the most pleasant thing, but it isn't horrible. It seems a bit pricey for a bigger bottle, but this stuff goes a long way, I only have to use a small drop for my very thick hair, so I have determined it is worth it.

Freeman Beauty Vita-K for Spider Veins 3oz.
Full Size Product Price
3oz. = $14.99

I received the Vita-K Age Spots last month, and this month was kind of excited to see the option for the Vita-K for spider veins. Every women in my family has spider veins, and I don't have them really just yet, but I plan to attempt to use this as a preventative. I read a couple reviews from women who do have spider veins and they mostly are positive, and the general results is their spider veins fading. They say to apply this twice daily for best results.

Apothederm Skin Care Science Stretch Mark Cream .7oz.
Full Size Product Price
5.7oz. = $89.95

As a mom of two, I definitely have stretch marks, most of them are quite faded, but I still would like to make them even less visible. I have tried a couple stretch mark creams, and applied them every single day while pregnant, but I still have some around my bellybutton, and my thighs. According to the website you can see results in about two weeks, I hope the sample is enough to last it, so I can decide if this is truly worth the price.

Fiafani Divine Hydration Moisturizer 
Full Size Product Price
1.7fl oz. = $38.50

Another moisturizer to add to my massive collection. One plus to this one is that they do not test on animals, and it is vegan friendly. This moisturizer could be good for sensitive skin because it also is fragrance free.

Control Corrective Firming Tri-Peptide Serum
Full Size Product Price
1oz. = $68.00

This is an item I will never purchase myself, $68 is just too much for my liking even if it does work well. These samples come in too small of a size to really tell if they work, but I just put them on, and hope that when I get older they will prove to have helped.

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream
Full Size Product Price
2oz. = $24.80
4oz. = $37.20

They say you can use this product for many things such as lip balm, healing nail and cuticle conditioner, face and eye cream, split ending hair conditioner, and to treat conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. I am excited to test this product out, if it works I might just have to purchase some considering I have eczema and my boyfriend has psoriasis.