Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall Trends 2012

Autumn is coming!Autumn is coming!
I know for some people the fact that summer is coming to an end slightly depresses them, but for once I am actually ready for the season change. I live in Michigan, and when the seasons change to fall it is absolutely beautiful here, the leaves change colors, and the temperature is near perfect. Fall also bring many options when it comes to fashion, the temperature allows you to wear jeans more comfortably, it also allows you to wear sweaters, and one thing I am excited for is to be able to wear my boots.
Fall 2012 Fashion Trends
Well, some of this years fashion trends are quite questionable in my opinion, but others I am loving. I went through numerous magazines, and websites to view what they say are the 2012 Fall Trends. Now some trends I am not even going to take the time to comment on, the ones below I just felt I needed to say something about.
Reptile Print
Reptile Print is one of the trends that I question, now I love leopard print and zebra print, but reptile prints I just do not like.

Now, I wouldn't consider layers a 2012 fall trend, layering is overall just something you tend to do every fall. The key with layering is not overdoing it, stick with layers that compliment one another.

Zac Posen
Black and Blue
I absolutely love the idea of pairing black and blue together.
According to September Comopolitan, fall will be the time for bling overload, they say to go big with shiny baubles, sequins and pearls. I am all for bling, but I believe that less is more.
Now with the military trend there are certain pieces I adore, such as military inspired jackets and dresses.
I am absolutely love the color gold for fall, but for me it has to be simple, such as jewelry or small details, unless it's the burnt gold dress pictured above from