Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ulta Haul

Hello Lovelies!
On Friday night I got a little break from my regular schedule and got the chance to go get some dinner with my love at Buffalo Wild Wings. After our dinner I decided that I wanted to head to Ulta for the first time, I have shopped around online but before Friday I have never stepped foot in the actual store, which I like to call heaven. Now, I wasn't sure what to expect but if you have never been there and you have a fondness for hair and makeup you definitely need to make the trip. Before today I thought of Sephora as heaven, but Ulta has quickly became my favorite.
Before I get into sharing the items that I purchased from Ulta I must explain my hauls are going to be a bit different from a lot of beauty gurus. Now I follow a fair share of beauty gurus on Youtube and on here and a lot of them really go all out when they do hauls, and they spend quite a chunk of money, but I can't do that. Now, I am not going to give you some sob story of how difficult my life is because there is a lot of people in this world who don't even have what I do, but basically I am a young mother working to take care of my two children that has an immense passion for fashion and beauty. I am hoping some day I will be able to share my gift and passion with more people, but for now this blog, my Youtube channel, and my Polyvore account (it's almost like a dress up for adults)  is my way to do that.
Anyways, now onto the couple of products I decided I couldn't go without today.

I am a huge fan of a lot of products from Urban Decay and I have made many small purchases from them, and I have received samples, but I have always lusted after the Naked palettes, so today I finally brought myself to purchase one. Now it took me a little bit of wandering before I finally settled on getting Naked 2, I honestly want both, but I DEFINITELY can not afford that. I do love all of the different shades that both palettes offer, but I went for Naked 2 because of the shades called Blackout and Pistol.
I fell in love with Benefit Cosmetics  because of there amazing graphics and artwork and then I got the chance to try a couple products from them and that solidified my love for the company. Not only does Benefit offer wonderful makeup, but they have a spectacular like of skincare products for pretty much everyone. One of the first products I was able to test was the foamingly clean facial wash, and I have never came across a better face wash, so I decided I had to purchase a full size bottle of it. The Foamingly Clean Face Wash cleanses skin, removes makeup and impurities with a soft, gentle lather. I also love the Refined Finish Facial Polish, but I will leave purchasing that for another day.

Since I absolutely love cosmetics I have heard of  Too Faced many times, but because I am just recently starting to really expand my collection I have never purchased anything from them before. I know they are a good company and they have high quality products, but I decided to try this little sample set of five products. Included in this set is Lashgasm Mascara, Shadow Insurance, Glamour Gloss in Sheer Lilac, Lip Insurance, and Primed & Poreless. The Lashgasm works wonders at making your lashes look longer and it doesn't clump up, I wish it would make my lashes look a bit thicker though. I personally feel that an eye shadow primer is a necessary to create a sleek "flawless" look and I believe the Shadow Insurance works very well, my shadow lasted longer and I had no issues with creasing or smudging of my shadow or my eyeliner. I am not a huge fan of the shade of Glamour Gloss that was included in this set because I am so pale it didn't work well with my skin color, but the gloss lasted long, wasn't sticky, and had a pleasant minty sensation. Before I applied the lip gloss I used the Lip Insurance that was included in the set which helps create a smooth application that lasts longer and provides a good base for color. I feel the same about skin primer that I do about eye shadow primer, so of course I loved the Primer & Poreless which helps minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. Overall this set is a good beginner set, sample set, or even a gift, that almost every makeup lover could easily enjoy.

 I mentioned in my last tutorial that I somehow managed to lose my last brush for teasing and shaping so I picked up this simple and cheap one here. I use it to help tease when creating either pompadours (poofs), victory rolls, and when I am lusting after a more voluminous look.

After we left Ulta we decided to stop at our local Walmart and wander around for a bit because I had a couple simple things to pickup, and since I work at Walmart I get a little discount. Typically, when I am just wandering aimlessly through the store I tend to thoroughly check out the makeup department and I always stumble upon something I must purchase. This little palette here is from Hard Candy, and it's the Top Ten Eye Shadow Palette in neutral shades. All of the shades are shimmery and so far I have loved it. Hard Candy is definitely a cheaper alternative that has some decent makeup, I use the Glamouflauge concealer almost on a daily basis.
A little look I created with my purchases.....  (Check out the Marvel t-shirt!!)