Sunday, March 10, 2013

Coastal Scents Sweetheart Collection Review

Hello Lovelies!

 As you can see I recently received a lovely package from +Coastal Scents which included the Sweetheart Collection. I didn't plan on making any big purchases of makeup anytime soon, but I just couldn't pass all this up for just $34.95. Plus, my lovely daughter decided to attempt to eat my favorite eyeshadow palette so I needed to find a replacement. Now the only products I have used from Coastal Scents in the past were eyeshadow samples I received in my monthly subscriptions, so I decided I definitely had to post a thorough review of everything.
These little samples were extras and not included in the collection. I love that Coastal Scents provides such wonderful samples. I used the "Butterfly Garden" sample set to create the look pictured below, along with the brushes, blush too palette, and liquid eyeliner from the collection.

I fully believe you can never have enough good brushes so I was excited to test this little set, but they didn't really leave me wanting to purchase any more brushes from Coastal Scents. Personally I thought that all the brushes were a little too stiff and that they were cheaply made, as I was applying my makeup I had little hairs from the brush left all over my face. Sold separately for $1.95-2.95 each.
My first blush palette! I just recently really started to experiment with different shades of blush, and this palette has a great range of shades. Now, I am not a fan at all of the orange blush, but I bet there are women out there that can pull it off, I tend to lean to the lighter pinks on a regular basis. Sold separately for $19.95.
Yay for more eyeliner! This liquid eyeliner has a standard stiff applicator that makes it easy to get a good straight line and create a winged eyeliner look, and at first I absolutely adored it. The liner is highly pigmented and dries quickly, but I find it flaking off after a couple hours of wear. Sold Separately for $2.95.
I have never really been a fan of these gloss lip quads, mostly because they typically don't provide enough pigment for my liking, and because the gloss normally leaves my lips feeling waxy yet dry. This lip quad is pretty much just like the rest in my opinion, they do work well though for travel and on-the-go makeup. Sold separately for $6.95.
Now onto the biggest most important part of the collection that makes it worth it, the eyeshadow palette. This palette includes 88 jewel toned shadows, and inlcudes more natural shades than any of my other palettes. These shadows blend well and are highly pigmented, especially when paired with a good eyeshadow primer/base. I have been using the shades of blues/greens the most and have been loving this palette. Separately this palette is $24.95.

Overall I think the collection is a pretty good one, and separately everything adds up to about $65.