Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hard Candy Nail Polish Review

Hello Lovelies!
My local Walmart just started carrying the new Hard Candy nail polishes and I decided I would test out a couple, I wasn't sure about the different shades they offer and if I would like them or not so I decided to go with just the three pictured below.

Left to Right: Jubilee, Fireworks, Little Bo Pink          $4 each

 I was quite bummed out with the outcome of this polish called Jubilee, from the bottle it appears to have a darker green tint to it instead of this yellow-ish green that shows on my nail. In the picture above I applied two coats of Jubilee and as you can see the glitter flecks are quite sparse and it definitely looks much better in the bottle.
 After testing out all the colors of the polishes on my nails I created this look pictured below using two coats of  Julep's olive green polish called Laura, and two coats of Jubilee.
Once again another polish that looks much better in the bottle, Fireworks. On my nail pictured above I have two coats of the polish and the it's quite sheer with just a slight touch of pink. I absolutely love the different shades of glitter though, I just wish they would show up more.
 Out of the three polishes I tried this is my definite favorite, and it's called Little Bo Pink. It is part of Hard Candy's Itzy Glitzy Collection, which I am considering trying more of, and it is pretty much the perfect shade of playful girly pink. I am typically a red polish kind of girl, but this is perfect when I am feeling like expressing my girly side. On my nail pictured above I used only two shades, but for future use I think I will be using three to create a better brighter pink. My favorite part of the polish is that it is shimmery, but not over the top.
Overall I am not that impressed with the Hard Candy nail collection from testing these three polishes, they also seem more appropriate for younger girls. If you are looking for more budget friendly polishes I would stick with Sinful Colors, they are half the price of Hard Candy's polishes and much better quality.