Tuesday, April 2, 2013

RoseMarie Shadows Review, and Swatches.

Hello Lovelies!
I recently stumbled upon a lovely Etsy shop called RoseMarie Shadows  and instantly fell in love with the selection of mineral eye shadows offered and I just had to order me some.
Now, normally I am a little iffy about ordering anything from Etsy, I have heard a couple horror stories, but the woman behind this specific shop was wonderful and offered GREAT customer service to me and I hoping to get her a little more of a following with this post because it's definitely deserved.
The shadows came in this adorable little bag with information card attached.

One of the amazing things about this little shop is that they offer a selection of sample packages, each package contains a different amount of samples, but either way you get to choose which shades you would like to sample. I decided to go with the smallest sample package, simply because this was my first time ordering from RoseMarie Shadows and I already have quite the collection of makeup, but after testing the shadows I must say that I will definitely be ordering more in the future.
When I ordered the owner of the shop happened to be a little ill so she kindly sent me a message  thanking me for my order and informing me that she was sick and she didn't want to be near the makeup to prevent contamination, so she delayed the order a little bit and included a couple extra samples. I definitely appreciate her honesty, I would much rather her work on getting better then rushing an order with the chance of contamination. So, instead of receiving just five samples I ended up with eight, and I LOVE them. Every shade looks AMAZING, especially with an eye primer/base, and they blend wonderfully. 

The shades I personally chose were Oink, Snowflake, Vampire, Roo, and Onyx. 

Here's a little look I created using Oink and a bit of Snowflake.

A look I created using Vino on upper lid, snowflake as a highlight, and purple pirate under my lower lashes.