Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Bling: Nail look using shades of blue, gold, and 3D accents!

Hello Lovelies!

Here is a little spring inspired nail look I created using Sinful Colors All About You (the gold shade) and Sweet Nothing (the blue shade),3d accents and stickers from Kiss, and some gems from a craft store. 
How to:
1. Apply two coats of All About You on nails, let fully dry.

2.Apply a small strip of Sweet Nothing on Middle Nail, fully dry.

3.Apply a thin coat of Top Coat, I use Sally Hansen Strengthening Top Coat.

4.Apply stickers and top the nails you apply them to with another thin coat of top coat.

5.Apply gems with nail glue included in the 3D Charms nail kit using tweezers. I applied them randomly at the base of my thumb nail, and in a patterned strip on top of the streak of Sweet Nothing.

6.Let the glue fully dry then apply a thin coat of top coat over the gems, make sure it's as smoothly applied as possible so you don't have lumps around the gems.

7. Let them fully dry and you have a fun look for spring.

Amazingly enough I was able to get a full week out of this look before gems began to fall off and the paint started to slightly chip.