Sunday, August 4, 2013

HYD for Men Shave Cream Review

Hello Lovelies!

Some of you may be wondering why I decided to do a review on a men's skincare line, well I chose to review the products from HYD for men, because not only did I receive the products from iFabbo, but I love getting my boyfriend involved and we are always looking for products that work well for him. I am going to be breaking down the review of the HYD for men skincare products into four different posts so that I can give you guys a thorough review of each product, starting today with the HYD for men shaving cream.
Aaron's skin at neatly its worst.  
For starters let me introduce you to my boyfriend, his name is Aaron. Aaron is not the typical man and he does pay a little more attention to his skincare, but he doesn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to using products. Aaron also is a little different than the typical man because he suffers from psoriasis on his face and scalp, which means he has very dry, irritated, sensitive skin, which makes it a little harder to choose products that work for him. When it comes to shaving cream he has tried a couple different brands, but nothing has made much of a difference for him so he had settled on using Barbasol Brand Shave Cream with aloe paired with his Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor, which gets the job done, but he is always struggling with ingrown hairs. Now that you guys know what Aaron has to deal with, and you guys kind of understand how difficult it is to find a quality product that also happens to be in our budget I am going to just go ahead and move on to what Aaron told me he thinks about the product.
The first time he used the HYD for men shaving cream I stood in the bathroom with him and watched him open the package, listened to his thoughts, and continued to watch him shave so I could fully take in his initial reaction to the shave cream. First thing he looked at was the packaging, Aaron is a graphic designer so nice packaging always stands out to him, and we both loved how manly and simple the design is. Aaron didn’t really read what is on the box itself, just like most men, but I skimmed through and loved the fact that the shave cream is infused with oils to help moisturize, it is paraben free, and they do not test on animals, which is definitely a plus.
So Aaron went ahead and wet his face with warm water like the directions state, lathered and applied the shave cream and quickly noticed that this particular shave cream felt like nothing he has ever tried before, because it has the consistency of a lotion. Before he begun shaving he also noticed that the shave cream has a pleasant and rejuvenating light citrus scent, and that scent does linger even when the face is shaved and dried, and I absolutely loved it. Aaron continued to shave in his typical manner and when he was done revealed a smooth cleanly shaven face. Normally when Aaron is done shaving his skin looks red and pretty irritated because of the ingrown hairs, but this time it was just a tiny bit red, and looked 20x better than normal.
Aaron's skin about a week in, as you can see there is less redness, and irritation.
Aaron's skin a couple days ago, pretty much no redness or irritation. (This was taken during a video shoot.)

Aaron has been using the shave cream paired with the three other products from HYD for men for about a month now and absolutely loves them. I have noticed quite the difference in his skin, and it seems to be much more hydrated, and less irritated than normal, which makes us both happy.
A lot of times when I receive products to test we use them up if we like them, but never purchase again because typically the products are quite expensive, but this shave cream from HYD for men is only $12.99, which means we will definitely be ordering this when he is done with this package.

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Next up is my thorough review of the HYD for men Buffer Stick, which is also quite amazing, so stay tuned!