Wednesday, September 4, 2013

HYD for Men Buffer Stick & Razor Shield Review

Hello Lovelies! 

I know... I know... It has been awhile. 

I said I would finish my review of the rest of the HYD men's skincare line, but between going back to work (after being on leave for a couple months) and my son starting kindergarten things have been a tad bit crazy around here. With everything that has been going on I have not only not had much time to write, but I haven't even had much time to do makeup which completely drives me nuts, but I am hoping to be able to commit again. This point is going to contain the full review for the HYD for men's Buffer Stick, and the Razor Shield. 

Like I explained in my previous post about the Shave Cream, my wonderful boyfriend, Aaron, reviewed these products and I am just writing what he said out, basically. 

HYD for Men Buffer Stick

Both me and Aaron were very intrigued when we first opened the buffer stick, it sported the same type of packaging as the shave cream which Aaron loved, and it was in a deodorant like container (containers that you turn the bottom to make more come up). At first look the buffer stick looks kind of like a deodorant, but you can also see a little bit of exfoliating texture inside which is suppose to exfoliate skin and help fight ingrown hairs. As stated in my previous post Aaron has very sensitive skin, so we weren't sure how well an exfoliant would work for him, but surprisingly it doesn't irritate his skin one bit. The first time he used the buffer stick you could not only feel, but see, a dramatic difference in the dead skin that came off of his face, especially in the nasal region, but it hasn't noticeably changed the amount of ingrown hairs.  The directions read to only use the buffer stick 3 times a week, and so far Aaron has stuck to this quite well, and I have noticed quite a bit of difference in the amount of dead skin he has on his face (remember he has psoriasis). We both feel this buffer stick is a decent product, and would recommend it to someone who need a good exfoliant, but it is a little more on the pricey side at $24.99 a container. 

HYD for Men Razor Shield 

The website states that the razor shield creates a liquid barrier, protecting the razor's blades from becoming dull and making shaving uncomfortable. To use the razor shield you simply apply a little bit to the blades after every use, and it is suppose to help prolong the life of the blades, making it cheaper and better for you. For a small starter bottle (5mL) it is $7, which they say you can get about 30 uses out of, and for the larger standard bottle (15mL) it is $18, which they say you can get about 90 uses out of it. The razor shield is the product we were least satisfied with, although it does seem to make the blades last a bit longer, for the price of the shield (plus shipping) you might as well just keep on purchasing the blades and deal with the annoyance. 

Overall, we think HYD for men is a pretty decent skincare line, but it is definitely not the cheapest out there, and it also is only available online at this point which makes it a bit inconvenient, especially if you or your boyfriend/husband/friend are like my boyfriend and forget that they are running out of product until it's too late.