Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fall/Winter 2013 Fashion Trend: Classic Prints

Hello Lovelies! 

As a fan of vintage fashion I am ecstatic that classic prints, such as houndstooth, stripes, floral, and plaid are on trend for this fall and winter season. I am not only excited because I love a classic style, but because this means it is much easier to find vintage-y pieces to add to my wardrobe without having to purchase on-line and in specialty stores. I understand not everyone that visits my page shares my love of vintage style, but I guarantee classic prints can work with anyone's style from girly to edgy, there are classic printed pieces for everyone. Just like all of my fashion posts I will include outfit examples via Polyvore, and a collage of pieces I personally like.


Pictured above are samples of Houndstooth pieces that I personally adore. When it comes to Houndstooth print I tend to lean towards simple, classic pieces that stick to the traditional black and white colors.
Below is a classic outfit not only showcasing the trend of a classic print, but also highlighting the peplum trend wonderfully.
Classic Houndstooth



Stripes by bri-grim featuring a chain purse

Stripes are my all-time favorite pattern!  I mostly find myself liking horizontal stripes for some unknown reason, but occasionally I will across a piece with vertical ones that I don't mind. Below is an outfit that consists of comfortable yet classy pieces that could be worn for numerous events or even as everyday wear. 
Black and Beige

Floral Print
Floral Print

I absolutely love floral print pieces, and could easily show you tons of different "pinup" style dresses that I love, but I wanted to show you a little more different floral options. Although if you are in search of a beautiful floral vintage-like dress, check out Pinup Girl Clothing .

Roses are Red



When it comes to the tartan/plaid trend all I can think about is the holiday dresses and nightgowns I had as a small child, and old-school punk rockers. I am not sure how versatile a tartan print can be, I see it as something you would find in an either an old woman's closet, on flannel shirts, and in the wardrobe of someone a bit edgy. I myself don't think I would rock this trend, although in my teen years I would have been all about it, I actually owned quite a few plaid skirts that I paired with leggings and boots. Below is a more alternative option, because I think this trend works best with the style.
Tartan Smock

I want to know what you think about the trend of classic prints? Also, how would you wear them?

Join me on Polyvore if you would like to see more outfit examples.

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