Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fashion Trends for Summer 2013: Statement Stripes

Hello Lovelies!
In most areas Memorial Weekend is like an unofficial kick off of summer, and as the weekend comes to a conclusion I find myself wanting to discuss the upcoming trends for this summer. So, starting with this post about the trend of statement stripes I will be creating a collection of posts showcasing this summer's trends, and my thoughts on them. To add a little more fun to this post I will be creating a look showcasing how to wear the trend, and I also will feature examples of how not to wear the trend using Polyvore.

Although I happen to love striped pieces I think it is very easy to find pieces that do not flatter the body such as the pieces in the picture below.  I believe that pleats and stripes, especially bold stripes, should not be paired together, it is very reminiscent of a cheerleader's uniform. I also believe you should always try on pieces with stripes before purchasing because every striped piece is not create equally, and some pieces can be very unflattering to many body types. I myself have to be careful choosing striped pieces because I have a larger chest and hips which tends to distort the stripes and appear unflattering.

Untitled #213



Untitled #214

 On the runway designers have been pairing different striped pieces together to create on ensemble, but I personally think it's overkill and unflattering. I believe there are two great ways you can work stripes into an outfit, either choose one bold striped piece and pair it with toned down accessories in the same color scheme like the outfit above, or choose striped accessories and pair them with an outfit consisting of pieces from the same color scheme like below.


Untitled #216