Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nude and Navy OOTD(outfit of the day)

Hello Lovelies!
 I know A LOT of other fashion bloggers do OOTD posts (outfit of the day) and I would absolutely LOVE to be able to do that also, but considering I am a single mother and I work retail I just don't have the budget to have tons of fabulous things to show off to you guys. So, as I was playing around on the web tonight I had this great idea, well at least I think it's great, I am going to begin creating what I will call DOOTD posts or dream outfit of the day posts. Now you may be wondering how I am going to do this, if so, I will be using a website called Polyvore to create the looks and will be posting them on here as often as possible. If you haven’t heard of Polyvore and you are a big fan of fashion it is definitely a site to check out, it’s basically like a giant dress up game for adults. When I post these looks I will also share links for the items I used to create the outfit, and I will also give links for similar items in all sorts of sizes and price ranges if possible. Now onto the first look…..

Nude & Navy