Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fashion Trends Summer 2013: Polka Dots

Hello Lovelies!
We are finally onto the trend of polka dots, which I happen to love and own a lot of. Being a fan of retro clothing/rockabilly/psychobilly polka dots are a key part of my wardrobe and I sport them I'd say at least once a week in some way. I own polka dot undergarments, headbands, bandanas, tops, skirts, shoes etc. At this point it is very simple to find pieces adorned in polka dots in pretty much every store, but there are still some pieces that are just not fashionable due to shape of the piece, and sometimes size of the polka dots, such as the examples below. A key factor in looking great in polka dots is choosing the correct size polka dot for your body, and choosing pieces that properly fit. The pieces in the "how not to" category are there because of either the shape, the concept of the piece, or because they easily make you look entirely too much like a dalmatian.
Untitled #220

Untitled #220 by bri-grim featuring sleeveless shirts

Below are a couple outfits showcasing outfits featuring fashionable polka dots.

Blue and Red

Aqua & Polka Dots