Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fashion Trends Summer 2013: Overalls, Holographics, and Lucite

Hello Lovelies!
Since it is Saturday and it's the first day of June today's summer fashion trend discussion is going to be extra special! Today I decided that I would discuss all of the summer trends I absolutely despise and feel shouldn't be a trend.
My first hated trend for summer is overalls. I feel overalls should only be worn by farmers, and small children, and they deserve no space in the fashion world. Although some women do like "cute" in them they just are not fashionable in my opinion. Below are some pictures of celebrities wearing overalls. The shape of overalls are just not flattering to a women's body, they either appear too baggy on us such as Heidi's overalls, or they kind of make us look like a giant child like Jennifer's overalls.
Overalls also have nearly the same effect as mom jeans on the butt and they also tend to give that look to the front to.
Untitled #226

Untitled #226 by bri-grim on Polyvore

Next up on my list of hated trends are Lucite heels. In the past Lucite heels were always associated with strippers and now all of a sudden they are being listed as a trend for this summer. For one I don't see anyone going out and about wearing Lucite heels because majority of the heels you find that have Lucite incorporated in there design also include at least a five inch heel. Another reason I hate Lucite heels is because even though some of them are worth thousands of dollars they just all tend to look cheap to me. Beyonce recently wore a pair of Lucite heels out and about in London and the tabloids of course jumped on it, and because of the way the light reflects off of the clear plastic it was rumored that her shoe had a dead fish inside of the heel, which is just ridiculous. Below are a couple pictures of celebrities wearing Lucite heels, which were kind of hard to find, while searching for celebrity photos I kept coming across photos of Shauna Sand (playmate) whom seems to live in Lucite heels and tiny dresses. Also are some examples of Lucite heels I found that I think would be great without the Lucite in there design.
Untitled #227

Untitled #227 by bri-grim featuring sports sandals

Last but not least I want to discuss the trend of holographic accessories and clothing. I believe this trend is very high fashion and I can see it worn on the runway well, but I don't see it translating well to the real world, unless you are a huge fan of raves. Before I continue on I do want to state that I love the trend of holographic nail polish, and I owned a pair of holographic sneakers as a child in the 90s (my mother picked them out). When I think of holograms/holographics I think of spaceships, aliens, and other futuristic things and I think a lot of other people are right there with me. Below are pictures of some pieces with the holographic design, what do you think of the trend?
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