Monday, June 3, 2013

Fashion Trends Summer 2013: Crop Tops

Hello Lovelies!

Crop tops are something I personally would never wear, but they have been reappearing heavily on the runway and have made it into the list of trends for this summer. I feel crop tops are the type of clothing that you have to be very careful pairing with other pieces because you can easily go from fashionable to appearing scantily clad. I personally am fond of bralets paired with flowy skirts or even a pencil skirt that covers more leg, you have to find that right balance of how much skin you are showing, too much skin and the outfit goes from fashionable to being inappropriate. Below are some pictures of crop tops that I think should just never be worn, most of them it's because of their print, others because of the shape.
Untitled #233

Like always I love to show off celebrities rocking the trend, so below are some pictures of celebs wearing either crop tops or bralets. I absolutely love Miley's and Selena's ensembles.

Untitled #234

Now onto showing you how I would wear the trend, today I have a couple different style outfits showcasing crop tops. What do you think of the trend? How would you wear it?

Untitled #232

Untitled #235

Untitled #236