Monday, July 15, 2013

Reviews and Swatches of the Mary Kay Voxbox from Influenster

Hello Lovelies!
Yesterday morning I received an amazing package from Influenster featuring Mary Kay Cosmetics, and was definitely excited to try the products because the only product I have ever tested from Mary Kay was a blue and pink eyeshadow combo quite a few years back.
I have never purchased lash primer in the past because I just typically purchase mascaras that work quite well without it, or I use fake lashes for dramatic effect, but it was exciting to be able to test this. As I brushed on the clear primer I noticed that it made my lashes seem a little bit longer, but it didn't make enough difference to make me want to take the extra step every application, or to persuade me to ever purchase this in the future.  
 Although I wasn't particularly fond of the primer, I do absolutely love this mascara. This mascara does an amazing job at lengthening and volumizing the lashes, without making them appear clumpy.
When I opened the container of this cream eye color I was really hoping it was highly pigmented because I do not own much purple shadows, but unfortunetly it is very light even with primer. The last photo in this post shows every product from this box, and as you can see the shadow is very light, even though I layered the shadow on. I also noticed that it creases easily, and it is impossible to blend out.
I used this brush to apply the cream eye color and it worked quite well, the brush seems to be high quality. 

For starters I must say I absolutely love the design of the Mary Kay lipstick tubes, and I also love this shade. This one is called Pink Cherie and it is definitely great for this summer. This lipstick is very glossy, and it seems to be quite moisturizing, but it also smells quite fruity and makes me think of my childhood lip balm, which some may not mind, but I think it's too much.
Here is a quick look using all of the products. As you can see the mascara made my lashes look amazingly long, and the shadow is quite light. The lip color, although it is quite perfect for summer, doesn't really compliment my pale skin tone, but it looks good if I actually use bronzer.

Overall it was interesting to try out some Mary Kay products, but I wasn't overall thrilled.