Tuesday, October 2, 2012

E.L.F Cosmetics Haul

Recently I purchased even more products from E.L.F and wanted to share my opinions about them with everyone. I do already have three other posts about products I purchased from E.L.F in the past, I took all the products I owned and reviews them by category so check them out. To find reviews on E.L.F brushes and eye products go here, for reviews on E.L.F sets and palettes go here, for reviews on E.L.F's zit zapper, lip products and nail products go here. I also have created a tutorial for a fall inspired makeup look using just cosmetics from E.L.F, to find that go here.
E.L.F Flawless Finish Foundation $6
I purchased this in porcelain because I do have pale skin, but it was too dark for my skin tone and made me appear kind of orange. It also was a little too heavy for my liking, I like to have full coverage but I like not to feel it all day long. Also, as you can see on the package it reads oil free, but it made my skin super shiny and on the two days that I wore it I had mini breakouts.
E.L.F Maximum Coverage Concealer $3
Once again I wasn't overall pleased with this product, just like the foundation the color was too dark for my skin tone. The concealer itself blended out well though, and did seem to be light and oil free.
E.L.F Blush $3
I actually for some reason own very little blush, but I felt like I really needed to add some to my collection so I purchased this in Tickled Pink. I love the color, it's just enough pink to give me a rosy glow, but not go overboard.
E.L.F Makeup Mist & Set $3
I have never purchased a product like this before so I do not have much to compare this to quality wise, I do know it seemed to make the makeup last longer and kept it feeling fresher.
E.L.F Eyelashes Kit $2.50
I always am looking to expand my collection of fake lashes, I bought this kit mainly for the lashes, but the little extras are nice. The lash curler is all plastic and feels cheap, but it's the perfect size for a makeup bag, and the tweezers are also a smaller size. The glue itself I will not be using, it isn't sticky enough to really hold the lashes for long, but it does bond to my eyeliner and stick into my lashes.
E.L.F Face Line Filler $5
I picked this out of curiosity, and because I had some items I could receive for free, I wasn't sure if I would ever really use it. I tried this a couple days ago before work and it didn't seem to do a thing, the liquid that came out the tip felt slightly sticky and I could feel it where I put it, but it didn't make the line disappear or fade like I thought it would. The reviews on the website are kind of all over the place, some love it, and others hate it. The one thing I did notice is how much of a hassle the application is, to get the product to come out the top you turn the bottom until it starts to come out, it's suppose to come out the very top of the applicator but doesn't always, and you can never guess how much will come out it's either too much or too little.
E.L.F Mineral Eye Liner $3
I love this! I wear black eyeliner almost every single day so I like to have a huge collection of different eyeliners to try. The last eyeliner from E.L.F that I tried was the liquid liner and I was not impressed at all, so I wasn't sure what to expect out of this kind, but it works wonderfully.

E.L.F Mineral Lipstick in Cool Coral $5
In the past couple of months my lipstick collection has vastly expanded thanks to E.L.F Cosmetics, they have such a great selection of lip products. This mineral lipstick comes in 18 different shades, unfortunately for me they do not have any shades of red, but I do love the color of coral. This color is perfect to make the lips pop just a bit, and it makes me feel kind of extra girly.

 E.L.F Matte Lip Color $3
I absolutely love the matte lip colors, the shade pictured above is Natural, and I already own the Rich Red. The matte colors are long lasting and they come in six wonderful shades. The natural matte lip color is the perfect shade for a nude lip.
E.L.F Mineral Lip Tint $3
I chose the mineral lip tint in the shade of rose, and so far I am loving it,it has an enjoyable flavor, it's moisturizing and long lasting, and it also provides protection from the sun. I like to put this on on top of the Natural Matte Lip Color, which makes it last even longer. They offer this in 8 different shades, unfortunately not in any brighter shades or shades of red.